Facilities and Rentals

The Charles Jago Northern Sport Centre features a variety of sporting, educational and commercial facilities and services. 

NOTICE: As of 11:00pm, Monday, March 16, 2020, the Charles Jago Northern Sport Centre will be closed until further notice. 

The Northern Sport Centre Ltd. Board of Directors (a partnership between the City of Prince George and UNBC) has decided it is in the public interest to close the facility given the nature of activities that take place there and to promote social distancing in response to COVID-19. This decision aligns with the closure of a number of other recreational facilities in Prince George.  

NSC Zone BookedOur multi-purpose field house can accommodate two soccer pitches. Built on a Polytan turf system it was installed on an earth base rather than concrete.

The three lane, 280 metre track overlooks the gymnasium and field house with a five lane, 80 metre straightaway for sprints. The track material is a quality Polytan surface. The 22,000 square foot gymnasium contains three basketball courts and can accommodate seating for up to 2,000 spectators. The courts are also designed to accommodate volleyball, badminton and gymnastics equipment.

The Centre also includes offices, meeting space, official’s room and concession. Storage areas, fitness studio, weight rooms, and squash courts are available.    Call Alicia at 250 960 5263 for your tour today!

The fee for your space booking does not include use of the Northern Sport Centre fitness equipment, weight rooms, drop-in classes or the track - it is the cost for your group's exclusive space rental.

If you are not a member and would like to use any of the services (before or after your activity), the drop-in fee of $12.40 is required.  If you are a member, please remember to Fob in as usual for facility access. 

Engage Sport North is on-site and provides athlete testing, performance analysis, strength conditioning, and coaching development.

Facility Specs

Year completed: 2007
Seating capacity: 2,000
Parking capacity: 2,000
Medical room: Yes
Warm up area: Yes
Licensed for alcohol: No
Official rooms: Two

Food services: Yes
Dressing rooms: Five
Scoreboard: Electronic
Sound system: Yes
Weight room / fitness facility: Yes
Equipment storage: Yes
Ticket box: No

Media room: No
Internet capability: Wireless
Hospitality room: Yes
Locker rooms: Eight
Public washrooms: Four
Fully accessible: Yes

Gymnasium Rentals

The 2,045 metre squared gymnasium features moveable walls. Three full sized basketball courts, four volleyball courts, eight badminton courts and spectator seating is available.  Our rental "hour" is 55 minutes. 

Fieldhouse Rentals

The indoor field house that includes two indoor soccer fields with FIFA approved artificial turf on an earthen base. The field spaces are divided by a retractable curtain to create one square field space and include a batting cage. Our rental "hour" is 55 minutes. 

Studio and Track Rentals

The Northern Sport Centre has two studios on the main level with laminate and hardwood sprung flooring. Zones 6 + 7 track portion and the sprint lane is available for rent. Our rental "hour" is 55 minutes. 

Call Alicia at 250 960 5263 for your quote today!

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