Personal Training Services

NSC JamesNot seeing any results from your every day fitness routine? Is your workout getting boring? Do you want to improve your overall fitness level in your favourite recreational activities such as golf or skiing?  

We offer three types of personal training packages of four or ten sessions: Individual, Tandem and Specialty.

All sessions are 55 minutes and include a 15 minute consult.

Ten Reasons You Should Work with a Personal Trainer (according to us!)
  1. Make the most of your limited time at the gym.
  2. Inspire you to accomplish something you didn't think possible.
  3. You are motivated a few times a year but struggle to stay consistent.
  4. Expertise.
  5. You only do cardio because you are scared to lift weights.
  6. Guidance on correct form. 
  7. Build confidence in using equipment and your posture technique.
  8. Gain know-how in adjusting exercise around injuries.
  9. You started by copying others and now aren't sure you're doing anything right!
  10. Accountability.

Fitness Assessment

1.  Resting Heart Rate Calculation      2.  BMI Calculation  

3.  Aerobic Fitness Assessment          4.  Musculoskeletal Fitness

Member:  $45.00     Non-Member:  $90.00

Personal Training Packages

Individual Package 4

Four sessions

  • Member:  $200.00    
  • Non-Member:  $240.00
Individual Package 10

Ten sessions

  • Member:  $450.00    
  • Non-Member:  $550.00

Exercising with a friend increases your chances of sticking with it. The Tandem packages are an affordable (and fun) option. The price below covers both participants. 

Tandem Package 4

Four sessions

  • Member:  $260.00 ($130.00 per person)   
  • Non-Member:  $300.00 ($150.00 per person)
Tandem Package 10

Ten sessions

  • Member:  $600.00 ($300.00 per person)   
  • Non-Member: $690.00 ($345.00 per person)

Specialty Training Package

Are you recovering from an injury, surgery or suffering from chronic pain? June brings extensive experience working with clients' facing a variety of medical issues. She is passionate about helping you bridge the medical and fitness gap.   

Choose between four or ten sessions for individuals or ten sessions for you and a friend. 

Individual Specialty Package 4 
  • Member: $260.00
  • Non-Member: $300.00
Individual Specialty Package 10 
  • Member: $600.00
  • Non-Member: $690.00

Tandem Specialty Package 10   |   $800.00 ($400.00 per person)

Prices do not include applicable taxes. 

If you wish to use a Personal Trainer, it must be with one of our certified trainers. For liability and legal reasons, we cannot permit clients to bring outside personal trainers. 

Sessions expire two (2) years after purchase date. They are non-refundable and non-transferable.