Personal Training Services and Personal Yoga Sessions

Personal Training

Not seeing any results from your every day fitness routine?  Is your workout getting boring?   Are you new to fitness?   Do you want to improve your overall fitness level in your favourite recreational activities such as golf or skiing?    

NSC James

We offer individual packages of four or ten sessions. Not sure about your fitness level?  Book an assessment first. 

All personal training sessions are 55 minutes and include one 15-minute consult.

If you wish to use a Personal Trainer, it must be with one of our certified trainers. For liability and legal reasons, we cannot permit clients to bring outside personal trainers. 

Call David at 250 960 5263 to book! 

Learn about our Personal Trainers

Ten Reasons You Should Work with a Personal Trainer (according to us!)

  1. Make the most of your limited time at the gym.
  2. Inspire you to accomplish something you didn't think possible.
  3. You are motivated a few times a year but struggle to stay consistent.
  4. Expertise.
  5. You only do cardio because you are scared to lift weights.
  6. Guidance on correct form. 
  7. Build confidence in using equipment and your posture technique.
  8. Gain know-how in adjusting exercise around injuries.
  9. You started by copying others and now aren't sure you're doing anything right!
  10. Accountability.

NEW! Personal Yoga Sessions

Leah and Vivian are now offering one-on-one aerial, hatha and yin yoga training for the beginner or long-time practitioner. 

NSC Yoga

Gain confidence and focus whether you practice in a group setting or in your home.  Refine your asanas or learn new ones with personal, convenient yoga instruction from certified instructors.  

Choose from four or ten session packages – offered virtually or in person.

Each session is 55 minutes and held in a private studio at the Northern Sport Centre. To ensure this program meets your needs, a free 15 minute consultation is required before purchasing your package.  

Call David at 250 960 5263 to learn more. 


Individual Package 4

Four sessions

  • Member: $240.00    
  • Non-Member: $288.00

Individual Package 10

Ten sessions

  • Member: $540.00    
  • Non-Member: $660.00


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Fitness Assessment

1.  Resting Heart Rate Calculation      2.  BMI Calculation  

3.  Aerobic Fitness Assessment          4.  Musculoskeletal Fitness

Member: $54.00     Non-Member: $108.00

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Prices do not include applicable GST. 

Personal training and yoga sessions expire two years after purchase date. They are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Code of Conduct

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