Facility Access

Checking in at the Northern Sport Centre

All members must check in at the front desk. It is there they will scan their personal fob access key before each visit. The Northern Sport Centre uses fob access keys to check in and access specific fitness areas of the facility. This fob is assigned to each member and may be re-used.

Do not share your fob access key as this can result in your access to the facility being suspended.

Non-members must pay the drop-in fee before each visit to the facilityNon-members are not permitted to borrow member fob access keys. Please check into the Front Desk upon arrival. 

The Northern Sport Centre follows a four-step warning process for forgotten fob access keys:

  1. First three visits without a fob access key members will receive a friendly reminder.
  2. On the fourth visit without a fob access key, a $2.00 fee will be charged.
  3. Where no fee was applied, reminders are cleared from the member's account after four months.
  4. The three reminder dates will be cleared from the member's account after a new fob access key is purchased.

Fitness Areas

There are three secured fitness areas that are only accessible with an authorized fob access key. If your fob is not scanned upon entry, you will not have access to the three secured fitness areas.

Main Level

  • Zone 3 (Room 14-264) - Strength Room (secured)
  • Zone 4 (Room 14-266) - Strength Room (secured)
  • Studio 1
  • Studio 2

Track Level (Secured)

  • Zone 5 - Ironman Unit, Strength and Cardio Area
  • Zone 6 - Spin Bikes, Individual and Group Fitness Area
  • Zone 7 (under the clock) - Strength Area, Individual and Group Fitness Area
  • Zone 8 - Cardio Area

Lower Level

  • Gymnasiums
  • Fields

Use of Fitness Areas

Equipment is not permitted to be moved into other zones. Staff have set up each zone with sufficient weights, steps, balls and mats to ensure easy access.

Return all equipment items to the proper shelves and racks after use.

Please save your texting and messaging for after your workout. Resting between reps is one thing but reading and typing while your fellow member waits to use the machines, weights etc... is disrespectful. 

Track Etiquette

When using the track, please use the following etiquette:

  • Walking - use the inside lane
  • Jogging - use the middle lane
  • Running - use the outside lane

Track Rotation Schedule

  • Monday to Wednesday - counter-clockwise
  • Thursday to Sunday - clockwise

Youth Access Policies

Youth Access with Parent Supervision

Youth are permitted in the following fitness areas with parent supervision. Youth must be within arm's reach of parents at all times.

12 and Under Ages 13 to 15
Track Surface Yes Yes
Track Yes Yes
Gymnasium and Fields Yes Yes
Studio 1 and 2 Yes Yes
Zone 8 - Cardio Only No Yes
Zones 3 - 7 No Yes

Youth Twelve (12) Years of Age or Younger

  1. Not permitted in any of the Strength or Cardio Areas, Zones 3 - 8 at any time.
  2. Are permitted in the Gymnasium, Field and Track Surface with a Parent/Guardian. The parent must be within arm's reach at all times.
  3. Not permitted in the Gymnasium, Field and Track Surface without a Parent/Guardian.

Youth 13 to 15 Years of Age

  1. Not permitted in the Strength Areas, Zones 3 – 7, without a Parent/Guardian.
  2. Are permitted in the Gymnasium, Field, Track Surface, Strength and Cardio areas, Zones 3 to 8. A Parent/Guardian must be within arm's reach at all times.
  3. Are permitted in the Zone 8 - Track and Cardio Equipment only, without a Parent/Guardian. A Youth Consent Form must be on file.

Youth Access without Parent Supervision

Youth ages 13 to 15 and 16 to 18 are permitted to access the following fitness areas without parent supervision as below.  A completed and signed Youth Consent Form must be on file. 

Download, print and complete the Youth Consent Form available below. Return it to the Northern Sport Centre.

Ages 13 to 15 Ages 16 to 18
Track Surface Yes Yes
Gymnasium Yes Yes
Field Yes Yes
Zone 8 - Cardio only Yes Yes
Zones 3 to 7 No Yes

Compliance with Policies

Failure to comply with the above or any NSC policies will result in:

  • 1st offence - warning
  • 2nd offence - warning, possible suspension of membership
  • 3rd offence - member may have their membership and/or facility access revoked without a refund