Meet the Northern Sport Centre Fitness Team

The Northern Sport Centre Fitness Team is certified and passionate about active living. Each instructor brings a unique approach to teaching and training that will encourage and motivate!  

Certifications include: BC Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA), Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP), canfitpro, and the YMCA. 

  • Lily Beigi

    Zumba Instructor

    Dancing has always been an important part of Lily's life. She started dancing when she was 12 and began teaching at 19 (often creating her own unique choreography!)  Zumba combines Lily’s love of dancing and people. She has been teaching Zumba since 2018. Lily’s Zumba classes promise energy, positivity and friendliness. No matter your age or ability, let the rhythm of the music move you! Lily holds a bachelor's degree in business and works in healthcare. 

  • Fitness Instructor
    Personal Trainer

    Kiana is a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer and NCCP Multi-Sport coach. Kiana was highly involved in sports and physical activity while growing up. That passion led her to pursue a Human Kinetics Diploma from Okanagan College in Penticton.

    Kiana is enthusiastic about sharing her love for active living. Her focus is helping clients break down their physical and mental barriers. Her motto is "the largest investment one can make, is within themselves."

  • Leah Chambers

    Yoga Instructor

    Leah joined the Northern Sport Centre as a certified (RYT® 200) yoga instructor and will be subbing in where needed. Yoga has been an intrinsic part of her life for almost a decade. Her journey started in Asia and includes Taiwan, Indonesia, India, Russia, and finally Canada.  

    Leah completed her yoga teacher training through the South Okanagan Yoga Academy (SOYA).  Her classes incorporate many years of academic teaching experience and extensive cultural familiarity. Leah excels with beginners who need a little extra care and attention. She is known for her calm and gentle presence.

  • Vivian Giannisis

    Yoga Instructor

    Vivian is certified (RYT-500hr) through the South Okanagan Yoga Association (SOYA). Her goal is to make yoga accessible to as many people as possible. She is always updating her skills through training and education. Vivian has developed a unique style of peaceful yoga that is an extension of her warm and welcoming personality. Her soothing voice gently guides students through poses that challenge the body while calming the mind. Vivian teaches Yin Yoga, Yoga, Gentle Yoga and her classes are always full!

  • June Hart

    Fitness Instructor
    Personal Trainer

    June brings over a decade of specialized experience to the NSC Personal Training team. Her focus is clients facing medical issues such as pre/post op, rehabilitation, illness, chronic pain and aging. She a member of the National Council of Certified Personal Trainers. June is currently working towards certification as a Medical Exercise Specialist. A childhood love of all things fitness led June to this unique, and rewarding field. She has assisted hundreds of clients from 15 to 75 bridge the medical and fitness gap.

  • Lon Hilton

    Fitness Instructor
    Personal Trainer

    Lon is a certified Personal Trainer Specialist through canfitpro and a Certified Level 1 Fitness Kickboxing Instructor. He is also working towards becoming a Fitness Instructor Specialist and a Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach through canfitpro. Lon has been an outdoor sport enthusiast his whole life. His focus is strength training, functional core strength, Plyometric movements and calisthenics. Lon’s training approach goes beyond counting reps creating an experience that results in positive change for his clients. He teaches Core Fit and Fit Camp in addition to serving on the NSC team of Personal Trainers.

  • Alex Hogh

    Fitness Instructor
    Personal Trainer

    Alex is the newest addition to the NSC Personal Training team joining us in September 2019. He has been in and around fitness facilities since he was 16. When he experienced a minor back injury he decided to make a career of active living.

    Alex is a graduate of CNC’s Kinesiology program and a CESP Certified Personal Trainer. He believes that no matter your size or fitness level, there are many fitness activities to enjoy. When he isn’t working out you will find Alex computer gaming, and enjoying beer and pizza!   Not sure if working with a personal trainer is for you?  Alex will convince you otherwise!

  • Kathleen Hogh

    Nia Instructor

    Kathleen is a Certified 1st Degree Black Belt Nia Teacher and a Licensed Zumba Instructor. She has specialized in teaching dance-based fitness since 2004. Prior to that she was a keen participant in aerobics and circuit training fitness. Kathleen was inspired to take up teaching after experiencing her first Nia class in 2001. She believes that the combination of fitness and a healthy lifestyle builds mental and emotional health. Kathleen’s Nia and Zumba classes are fun, interactive, and can be adapted to any fitness level.

  • Kim is a recent addition to the Northern Sport Centre fitness team. She is a YMCA certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness and Weight Instructor. Kim specializes in weight loss, boot camp, PARE and dry land training. She has continually updated her skill set in boxing, elite athlete training and exercise rehabilitation.

    Offering over 20 years of experience, Kim prides herself on the ability  to adapt her classes and training style to welcome all fitness levels. Regardless of an individual’s training history or pre-existing conditions, she can confidently lead her participants to meet their goals!

    Kim received her 200-hour Yoga Teacher training through the Yoga Alliance and is currently studying for her degree in Physiotherapy.

  • Rebecca Krahn

    Fitness Instructor

    Rebecca is a Canfitpro Certified Group Fitness Instructor and BCRPA Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor. She has been teaching Cycle Fit, Strong n' Fit and Cycle ‘n Sculpt at the NSC since 2016. Rebecca is also working on her Personal Training certification. A hard working grandmother and mother, Rebecca proves it’s never too late to get into shape. She loves being at the gym - her commitment, enthusiasm and drive are contagious!

  • Benita Le Morvan

    Zumba Instructor

    Benita has been Latin dancing ever since she travelled to the Dominican Republic as part of a high school exchange. Her many years performing in a belly dance troupe made her move to Zumba a natural one. She loves the mix of musical movement and fitness. Benita received her Zumba certification in 2014. Her approach to this energizing fitness program is simple - just move your body and have fun!

  • Denise Marshall

    Yoga Instructor

    Denise is certified (RYT-500hr) through the South Okanagan Yoga Association (SOYA). Her other certifications include Yin Yoga, Baby and Me Yoga, Rainbow Kids Yoga and Aerial Yoga. Her passion is guiding yoga students of all ages to connect with their body and breath. In her own practice, Denise has uses Yoga as a balancing activity for running and other athletic adventures. She believes by listening to your body and responding appropriately you will reap the benefits for long term health. You will also find Denise at the Front Desk of the NSC in her role as Facility Membership Assistant.

  • Matthew McConaghy

    Meditation Instructor

    Matthew will be leading the first ever Group Meditation program offered at the Northern Sport Centre! He has been teaching group meditation for six years and practicing since 2010. Matthew incorporates music in this peaceful program. His approach calms the mind, sets intention to guide focus and clears the room of negative energy. Matthew's instruction will appeal to beginners and benefit avid meditators. 

  • Paz Milburn

    Fitness Instructor

    For over twenty years, Paz has been one of our city’s most enthusiastic dance and group fitness instructors. She is a certified Zumba, Tai Chi and Tae Kwon Do instructor and a popular dance teacher! Paz shares her passion for active living with the community including the YMCA and the PG Arthritis Society. Her exercise philosophy consists of three components: cardiovascular, strength and flexibility. We are thrilled that Paz has come to the NSC to teach!

  • Laurie Monsen

    Fitness Instructor

    When it comes to certifications Laurie has most of it covered! She is a BCRPA (BC Recreation and Parks Association) Certified Personal Trainer, Weight Trainer and Advanced Group Fitness Instructor. She also holds a Sport Nutrition Advisor designation with AANH (Alive Academy of Natural Health). Laurie is Keiser Spin instructor certified. She brings over thirty years of experience in the fitness industry. She taught public school physical education, youth team training and group fitness. Laurie is a motivating instructor that will give you that extra push towards your goals. Laurie can be found at the Northern Sport Centre almost daily teaching Weekend Warrior, Active Aging and Fusion.

  • Gillian Recknell

    Yoga Instructor

    Gillian (BPE; RYT 200) has been an avid all-season outdoor enthusiast for decades. She enjoys trail running, hiking, paddling, and snowshoeing. Eventually these activities led to physical pain that hindered her ability to enjoy the great outdoors. So Gillian turned to yoga! She credits yoga for learning to listen to her body and being mindful of pain. She teaches Yoga and Yoga Flow.

  • Erica Tung

    Personal Trainer

    Erica brings a passion for active living to her role as a Personal Trainer. Growing up in Edmonton, Erica was a keen competitive basketball and hockey player as a child and teen. She graduated from the University of Alberta with a BSc in Kinesiology and is a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer. Erica spends her free time exploring the great outdoors around Prince George. She also serves as the coach of the competitive climbing team at OVERhang.

  • Utz, David

    Fitness Instructor
    Personal Trainer

    David has returned to the NSC team bringing a love of all things outdoors to his fitness classes. He was a teenager when he decided to make a career out of fitness. David studied Kinesiology for two years at the College of New Caledonia. He earned his teaching and personal training certification with the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology. In addition to his personal training sessions, David teaches Fit Camp and Boomer Fit.