Katherine Timms

I very much enjoyed my time as a UNBC Research Ambassador. I did not realize how much insight and passion I had for research experiences at UNBC until I was able to share it with other students. I learned that there are so many keen students curious about research, but unsure where to begin. Talking one on one with other students about their research or helping to dissuade their fears and misconceptions was one of my favourite parts of this position. Research can benefit everyone regardless of their discipline or future goals, and I loved encouraging other students to take up research and helping them to find a place or opportunity they might enjoy. Something I really appreciated about the research ambassador position was the flexibility to carry out a project of my choosing. I had the opportunity to create a large-scale art piece which showcased research happening at UNBC. Creating the art piece and compiling photos from a huge diversity of research fields was a fantastic experience, and I hope it shows other students just how many unique experiences they can gain from research at UNBC. I was really excited to share these photos with students and hopefully give them a broader view of what research can look like or inspire them to get involved. One thing I found particularly challenging about the research ambassador position was the public speaking. We presented in several classes which I at first found very challenging, but became comfortable with by the end. I believe this position has improved my public speaking skill and comfort, which is hugely rewarding for my future public speaking endeavors. I would encourage anyone who is passionate about sharing their research experiences, helping others get involved in research, and prefers a somewhat more autonomous position to apply for the research ambassadors program. 


Kimberley Thomas

I am so grateful to have worked with a wonderful team, who have now become my good friends, and to feel that I held a part in building a stronger research culture at our university. 


Tsatia Adzich

Overall, I enjoyed being part of the RA program. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been part of the inaugural cohort, and look forward to seeing what the next cohort accomplishes.


Raliat Abioye

I really liked the hoodies as well as the creative freedom that was given to us to take this program in any direction such as with the art project that Katie did as well as the interviews and events that we had. I also liked the opportunities offered to attend some of the other functions held at the university such as with the Science Fair as well as being able to meet the Lieutenant Governor.