About the Office of Research and Innovation

We support all research goals and aspirations including those of Indigenous people, visible minorities, diversely-abled people, women, and people from the LGBTQ2S+ communities. We do this by:

  • Providing faculty members with support services to develop outstanding research programs in all disciplines, including offering advice on sources of funding, helping develop proposals, providing institutional letters of support, and negotiating funding agreements;
  • Ensuring that we meet or exceed all relevant regulatory standards for research, maintaining our eligibility for funding from the agencies with the most stringent standards;
  • Assisting with maintaining and growing our research infrastructure;
  • Assisting with the development of research partnerships with local, provincial, national, and international agencies and industry collaborators;
  • Supporting technology transfer and commercialization of research discoveries;
  • Managing and maintaining relationships with major research funding agencies, so that the local research community has access to the best advice on successful research funding strategies, and acting as the primary institutional contact for these agencies;
  • Engaging in high-level advocacy with all levels of government to promote an environment in which world-class research may flourish at UNBC.

UNBC's Strategic Research Plan

Mission Statement

To grow capacity and opportunities for research and creative activities at UNBC by engaging our people and partners, leading to the discovery of new knowledge that has transformative academic, economic or social benefit for the region, province, nation, and beyond.

Vision Statement

To build a flourishing research culture facilitated by state-of-the-art infrastructure and efficient support services, enabling UNBC scholars to undertake leading-edge local, national, and international research with respect for humanity and nature.

Information for Students

Graduate student researchers should contact their supervisors and/or the Office of Graduate Administration for assistance with most research matters. The Office of Research and Innovation is responsible for the conduct of research involving humans and animals and is pleased to discuss ethics issues with student applicants.

Information for Post-Doctoral Fellows

The recruitment of postdoctoral fellows and their position on campus is governed by the UNBC Statement of Principles on the Treatment of Postdoctoral Fellows. Appointment of postdoctoral fellows is handled by the Office of Research and Innovation who also supply information and support in relation to relevant research opportunities.

25 Years of Research at UNBC

Video created in celebration of UNBC's 25th Anniversary (June 22, 2015).