*NOTICE:  We are currently reviewing our official inventory of UNBC Policies and Procedures.  If you are unable to locate a Policy or a related Procedure, or to confirm that the version you are working with is current, please contact Heather Sanford or Shari Hoff at policy@unbc.ca

UNBC Employees may access UNBC Policies and Procedures and policies under review or development on SharePoint, by clicking the link below:

If you have been authorized to review or revise an existing Policy or Procedure, or if you have been authorized to draft a new Policy or Procedure for consideration, please use the UNBC Policy Template below. If you would like more information or general procedural direction, or if you need assistance in mapping out required consultations, please feel free to book a meeting with Heather Sanford at policy@unbc.ca or call 250-960-5878.

CONTACT information

Heather Sanford, University Secretary

Alexandra Parent,   Governance Officer

Shari Hoff, Governance Officer

Adam Cullum, Information Governance Officer