Research Activities and Communicable Diseases

A message from our Vice-President, Research and Innovation, Dr. Paula Wood-Adams

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised awareness of the importance of considering the risk of health impacts from communicable disease as we carry out our research activities. Thank you for your diligence in ensuring your research plans include plans to reduce this risk. 

All research personnel should be instructed to monitor their own health, ensure communication with their supervisor, and to follow public health guidelines should they start feeling unwell.

Requirements for research involving human participants

While Province-wide restrictions imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic have been lifted, all researchers who have updated their protocols and received the necessary approvals to commence or reopen in-person research MUST also pay particular attention to the Public Health Officer's ongoing updates and recommendations. Researchers should still consider using virtual methods to conduct in-person research.

For further information, including REB Chair Bulletins, please refer to the Research Ethics Board website related to COVID-19 and Research Ethics.