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Welcome to Spark Lab, UNBC's innovative hub for fostering creativity, collaboration, and impactful action. Our mission is to provide a dynamic space where ideas transform into innovative solutions. With a passion for innovation and community, we invite students, researchers, and the public to join us in crafting the future.

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Drop in Sessions - Open to community!
Every Thursday (January - April) from 2- 4pm
Location: UNBC Wood Engineering and Design Centre

About us

Fryderyk and Rathika of Spark Lab


Spark Lab emerged as a beacon of innovation and collaborative action within the vibrant campus of the University of Northern British Columbia. Our inception was rooted in a vision to create an incubator and innovation hub, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration, fostering inventive thinking, and driving impactful action. Our primary goal is to provide a space where students, faculty, and the community can experiment, explore, and actualize their innovative ideas.


Co-founded by Fryderyk Paczkowski and Rathika Balthasar Preston, Spark Lab thrives under their joint vision and leadership. With a shared commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration, they steer the initiative towards creating an environment where diverse ideas merge, innovative thinking flourishes, and impactful projects are cultivated. Fryderyk's extensive expertise in innovation and engineering, coupled with Rathika's experience in science outreach and project management, form a dynamic duo guiding Spark Lab towards pioneering interdisciplinary collaboration and community-driven innovation.

Advisory Board

The Spark Lab Advisory Board, comprising diverse industry experts, academic leaders, and community influencers, provides invaluable strategic guidance and insight to further our mission of fostering innovation, learning, and community engagement.

Spark Lab Advisors

Dr. Matt Reid, Professor, Experimental and Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, UNBC

Maik Gehloff, Senior Lab Instructor, Engineering, UNBC

Dr. Richard McAloney, Director, Centre for Technology Adoption for Aging in The North (CTAAN)

Workshops and programs

At Spark Lab, we offer an array of innovative workshops and programs designed to ignite curiosity and cultivate innovative thinking. These sessions are open to students, faculty, and the community at large, aiming to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and provide hands-on experiences in various fields. From introductory sessions on 3D printing and coding to advanced project-based learning initiatives, our diverse workshops cater to individuals seeking to explore, experiment, and broaden their skill sets. Each program encourages creative problem-solving and provides an environment conducive to groundbreaking projects, ensuring an immersive learning experience for all participants.

Sparking Conversations

Our "Sparking Conversations" series provides a platform for engaging dialogues addressing pressing societal challenges from diverse perspectives. This initiative aims to facilitate meaningful discussions on various important societal topics such as social enterprises, environmental issues, economic concerns, and more, within the Northern BC community. Sparking Conversations seeks to bring together local stakeholders, thought leaders and the public to collectively explore, analyze, and seek solutions to issues impacting our region. Through these events, we aim to foster a deeper understanding of multifaceted challenges and encourage collaborative efforts to drive positive change within our community.

Sparking Interest

The "Sparking Interest" series is a hands-on, interactive learning initiative aimed at fostering curiosity through a diverse array of hands-on workshops, drop-in sessions, and engaging discussions. It serves as a self-guided learning space designed to ignite curiosity and enable individuals to explore various disciplines through practical, tinker-style workshops. These events invite participants to delve into diverse subjects, learn from experts, and engage in thought-provoking conversations, encouraging collaborative learning and a deeper understanding of key areas.



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Call for Volunteers

Volunteer with Spark Lab and play an active role in shaping a brighter future. Collaborate with us in fostering innovation and exploration. Share your expertise, learn from others, and contribute to impactful initiatives that make a difference in our community. Join our team and become a catalyst for change