Interviews with Research Ambassadors

Corbin Black

Master’s Degree: An Untapped Fountain of Self-Development - Corbin Black

It was nearing the end of my last semester here at UNBC and I had yet to figure out what I wanted to do following the completion of my degree. Pursuing a master’s is something that I had not put much thought into because I was convinced that this type of degree was something that required a high skill set. Yes, I had research experience – and quite a lot of it – but a master’s, in my mind, was so much more than just research and the mere thought of a thesis was very intimidating.

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Interview with Almas Yaqoob (BCMB Master’s Alumnus)

I first got involved in research because I wanted to have a successful life and career in Canada. I was also passionate about pharmaceuticals and how a drug comes to be a finalized product. So much work goes into drug discovery and there can be so many complications along the way.

Doing research and being in a professional environment has helped me learn to behave in a professional way, and it as improved my professional development.

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Interview with Ann Duong (4th year BCMB Honour’s student)

I am currently involved in two research projects. One is trying to detect, quantify, and remove a toxin that is released from cyanobacteria in eutrophic waters. The other is trying to determine whether a stem loop modified RNA molecule can inhibit KRAS protein expression which is a protein that is overexpressed in many cancers including colon, lung and pancreatic cancer.

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Interview with Landon Short (BCMB Alumnus)

I first got involved with research in Dr. Andrea Gorrell’s lab in the summer before the final year of my degree. I was then able to use what I had learned over that summer to make a smooth transition into an undergraduate thesis course.

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