Progress Report Requirements

All graduate students are required to undergo a yearly review of progress in the form of a formal meeting with their supervisor and members of their supervisory committee. The objective is to assess the progress to date and that this is consistent and on target for the completion of the graduate degree. The outcome of the review is a report that assesses the progress as either satisfactory, needs improvement or unsatisfactory. A recommendation of unsatisfactory or the second instance of needs improvement necessitates the facilitation of a continuance review. It is the right of the student to comment on the recommendation of a progress report using the appropriate section of the report form.

Although normally a yearly process, additional progress reviews can be scheduled at the request of the student, supervisor/supervisory committee.


All graduate students in every program unless the program is the course-based stream.


Relevant Progress Report Form to be completed with appropriate signatures.

Where to send?

Email to the Office of Graduate Programs at

When due in by?

Annually due in by June 30 or on specific direction by the Office of Graduate Programs


This is a yearly evaluation to ensure that the student’s ongoing progression is proceeding as per the predetermined goals and objectives, identifies any issues that require consideration or action and ensures that the relationship between the student and supervisor/supervisory committee is effective.


  1. The Office of Graduate Programs may request that an additional progress report be submitted in any given academic session.
  2. If the supervisor and student have met after February 1st of the current year and a Progress Report was submitted to the Office, an additional one is not necessary. The Supervisor should reply to the request for a progress report, indicating this.
  3. Students who are defending in the May and September semesters must have a current Progress Report completed.
  4. We understand that Supervisors leave campus for research purposes, so please be cognizant of deadlines before going out into the field as to not cause delays for scholarship renewals.
  5. If the outcome of a progress report (or subsequent Continuance Review) is the application of conditions for future progress/Continuance, then the students will be expected to satisfy the conditions prior to future registrations.

Students on renewable scholarships

  • Students holding a scholarship must submit a Progress Report 2 months prior to renewal.
  • For September renewable internal UNBC scholarships, Progress Reports must be received in early May.
  • For renewable external scholarships (NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR, PICS...), Progress Reports must be received 2 months prior to renewal, however, there may be variable deadlines depending on the funding agency.
  • If you have any questions on scholarships or Progress Reports required, please email
  • PhD Students are required to submit Progress Reports for renewal of their UNBC Doctoral Tuition Scholarships.

Students close to program completion

Students who are planning on defending in the January semester or have recently defended their oral examinations/projects etc, are not required to have progress reports submitted if they have submitted one in June of the following year. 

Students who are on Leave of Absence

Supervisors with students on an approved Leave of Absence must still submit a Progress Report form indicating the student is on a Leave of Absence; signed by supervisor. No other information is required.

1st Needs Improvement: Noted in students file only.Students will receive notification and may be asked to attend a meeting. This may have scholarship/award impact depending on award criteria.

2nd Needs Improvement or Unsatisfactory Annual Report: a Continuance Review will be required (Meeting information must be sent out by the Office of Graduate Programs in advance of this meeting)