Troubleshooting Interactive PDF Forms

Key Tips: Download forms first (do not complete in a web browser). Update your software. If working in VMWare, double check the form has not opened in Edge.

The Office of Graduate Administration is currently in the process of updating our forms to a new template. Our new forms will not alter the previous content but the format will be different:

  • Forms should not be filled out in a browser. Please download the form to your computer to complete. New forms are marked with a green arrow.
  • Our new forms are working in the most recent versions of Adobe Acrobat DC Reader or Foxit Reader. Please ensure you have updated your software.
  • Digital signatures will work for multiple signatories. Forms can be circulated by email and do not require printing/scanning for signatures. As we are currently working remotely, we are not accepting paper copies of forms at this time. If you are new to using digital signatures, you will find a guide at this link. You can also sign forms from your phone with the Foxit Reader mobile phone application. Instructions on this can be found here.
  • Form instructions are included on a page at the end of the form where needed. To save paper when adding to the permanent student record, the instruction page does not print by default. This can be altered by adjusting the page print range in print preferences.
  • The interactive PDF forms include links for instructions which will either take you to the instruction page or pop up an instruction box.
  • The final page of the form includes a "click to submit" button. The last person who signs the form can chose to select this button to have the form automatically attach to a draft email to send to

Download Forms First

Form fillable PDFs do not work if you open them in a browser window (e.g. in Edge, Firefox, Chrome). Always download the PDF to your computer before trying to enter information.

Update/Check Your Software

If you encounter issues with a form, ensure you are completing the form in the most recently released version of Foxit Reader or Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Additionally, your computer may not default to opening a PDF in this software unless you have set it up to do so. If you open a form, check to make sure you're working in the right program.

Working in VMWare? Read this.

If you are attempting to open a PDF form you have downloaded in VMWare, double check that it hasn't opened in Edge. Unless you specify defaulting to open in the right program, it will open in Edge and because Edge is a browser, form fields will not work.

Managing Digital Signatures

For help in setting up a digital signature, click here.

Circulate your form for signature one signature at a time and include all signatures on one form. Soliciting digital signatures on the same form eliminates the need for printing and scanning and ensures that the interactive form fields remain active so everyone can sign digitally. Avoid printing and scanning forms wherever possible.

Sign on Your Phone

If you are not filling out a form and simply need to sign it, you can do some from your phone using the free Foxit Reader mobile application. Click here for instructions for Android phones and here for IOS.