General Information

To voluntarily withdrawing from a graduate program, you must be in good academic standing and submit the request at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the semester of withdrawal (defined as the beginning of a semester in which you will no longer be a student).

To request to withdraw with permission, please submit a Withdrawn With Permission Request form and, if applicable, a drop form for any existing registration. Completed form(s) should be sent to grad-office@unbc.ca.


The deadline for submission is 2 weeks prior to the start of the semester of withdrawal.

Registration Information

Ideally, this form should be submitted with no registration in place for the semester of withdrawal. However, if you have registration in the semester of your withdrawal, you must include a registration drop form with your request. Please note that dropping of classwork must meet add/drop and withdrawal deadlines (see below).

Late forms

A request for withdrawal with permission received after the start of the semester is assessed based on the date received, subject to the deadline to drop or withdraw from courses. Deadlines can be found here.

Please note that requests to withdraw in a current semester for exceptional reasons that are submitted after the add/drop period and approved do not result in a refund of tuition and fees.

Eligibility for Voluntary Withdrawal (with permission)

Students must be in good standing to voluntarily withdraw from their program. Students on a continuance review or who obtain a semester GPA below 3.00 in their final completed semester before the requested
date of withdrawal (which would normally result in a continuance review) will not be permitted to withdraw with permission. Any DEF grades need to be addressed before a request can be approved (either via
completion of the outstanding material or via a request for extenuating withdrawal from coursework). Requests will not be processed if there are outstanding fees owing on account or registration/grading

A student must ensure:

  1. No outstanding fees are owed to the University (library fines prior registration tuition, etc.);
  2. No outstanding materials are owed to your Supervisor;
  3. There are no registration issues and outstanding grade issues to be resolved (DEF or NGR grades).  All outstanding grades must be resolved by the student before submission of the request; and
  4. If required, a completed add/drop form for any registered courses is included with the request.

Calendar Policy

2.5 Withdrawal from the University