Time Extension Requests

Graduate students must complete all degree requirements within the time limits established in the Graduate Calendar. Under exceptional circumstances, students may apply for an extension to their time for degree completion. If approved, time extensions will normally be for the duration of one semester with the expectation that all outstanding degree requirements are completed within that time period.   

Important Information

Under exceptional circumstances, time extensions may be granted by the Dean. Such requests for time extension must be made in writing to the Office of Graduate Administration, with the the signed and approved Time Extension Request Form attached, at least a week prior to the end of the semester in which the student’s time limit expires. The request must include a timeline for the completion of the degree and a letter of support from the student’s supervisor.  

Regulations on time limits can be found in the Graduate Academic Calendar.

If a time extension request is not submitted or not approved, students will be withdrawn from their program when their time limit expires.

  • Time extension fees apply (equivalent to the FT regular instalment rate).  For MBA students, the extension rate applies after the 5th semester.
  • To be considered for a Time Extension, students must be registered at the time of request.
  • Students must ensure that there are no outstanding tuition and fees owing on their account.
  • If the time extension request is approved, students must also ensure they register for the semester of extension.
  • Students are required to include a timeline for completion in their application (see section below).

Completing the Timelines and Milestones to Completion Section

Students in thesis, project or dissertation completion paths are required to include a detailed outline of milestones to meet in order to ensure completion within the time extension period. Your supervisor can assist you in preparing this plan.

It is easiest to prepare the timeline by starting from when your degree requirements should have been met (e.g. the end of a semester) and working backwards.  It is important to note that you must adhere to the deadlines for submission of your request to defend as you prepare your timeline.  Your milestones may include information such as:

  • Dates for researching or collecting data;
  • Date(s) for thesis/dissertation/project drafts (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) to be submitted to your supervisory committee for review;
  • Dates when you expect to make the revisions to your drafts suggested by your Supervisory Committee members;
  • Proposed date for submitting documents to the Office of Graduate Administration to schedule your defence; and
  • Proposed dates for your defence (three date choices that must fall into the Defence deadlines).

Ensure that you leave enough time after the defence occurs to make any final changes resulting from the defence before the end of the semester. 

All final documentation must be received by the Office of Graduate Administration on or before grading deadlines.