Visiting Domestic Research Students

Information for Visiting Research Students (Domestic)

This information is for students visiting UNBC. The process for current UNBC students to visit another university can be found here.

UNBC welcomes students who have made arrangements with a faculty member of our institution to visit for research purposes. A visiting research graduate student is attending UNBC to complete research as a part of the requirements for their graduate degree at another university.  Visiting research students do not take coursework during their time at UNBC. Visiting students who wish to complete coursework should instead apply through a relevant exchange agreement (such as the Western Deans Agreement or the Canadian University Graduate Transfer Agreement).

Visiting domestic graduate research students will attend UNBC under the Canadian Association for Graduate Studies (CAGS) protocol on Canadian Graduate Student Research Mobility (CGSRMP). This agreement encourages graduate student mobility within Canada in order to foster the exchange of ideas, specialized training, research collaboration, and interdisciplinarity.

Eligibility Information for Visiting Domestic Students

Visiting domestic graduate research students must meet the following criteria to apply for visiting researcher status:

  • The student must be registered in a graduate degree program and maintain their registration for the duration of their visit. For Canadian students, the Canadian University should be a member of CAGS in order to participate under the terms of the CGSRMP. A confirmation of enrolment is required.
  • The visit to UNBC must be for the primary purpose of conducting research relevant to the student’s program of study.
  • The student must have the support of a UNBC faculty member who has agreed to act as their supervisor for the duration of the visit.
  • The student will not be permitted to register in any coursework at UNBC for the duration of the research visit.
  • Visiting research students are subject to the regulations of the home institution governing tuition and fees.
  • Deadlines in effect at both the home and host institution must be observed.

Student Fees and Resources

Visiting domestic graduate research students are assessed student fees (excluding the Health and Dental plan) and will have access to transit via the U-Pass, the library and other available student services. Other accommodations, such as the availability of office space or access to research materials outside of the library, must be arranged with the student’s UNBC supervisor. Detailed information regarding student fees and the costs associated with conducting a visit at UNBC may be viewed here

Application Process

Applications must be received in the Office of Graduate Programs no less than 4 weeks prior to the start of the visit.

The process to apply for visiting research student status at UNBC is outlined below:

  • Once a student has secured the support of a UNBC faculty member, the faculty member will create a Letter of Invitation. This letter, signed by the UNBC Chair of their program, is then sent to the visiting student and the visiting student’s supervisor for review and approval. A template for the Letter of Agreement with full instructions and a sample letter can be found here: Invitation Letter Template and Instructions.
  • Once the terms of the visit have been agreed upon, the student should submit the Visiting Research Student Authorization Form along with a copy of the Letter of Agreement and a current confirmation of enrolment at their home institution to the Office of Graduate Programs (
  • On approval of the terms of the research visit, the Office of Graduate Programs will send a letter of confirmation to the student, the home institution supervisor, the UNBC research supervisor and the UNBC Program Chair. Students are expected to provide a copy of this letter to their home Graduate Program administrative office.
  • The student will be registered in VRES 950 for the duration of their visit.