Continuance Review

Continuance reviews are prompted by:

  • A failing grade (lower than a B-)
  • A semester or cumulative GPA below 3.0
  • An unsatisfactory progress report
  • Two needs improvements on progress reports
  • Failure to meet conditions of admission or other conditions imposed by the graduate program

As the name suggests, this review will determine whether or not a student continues on their graduate program, and the conditions associated with the continuance. The review is not primarily intended to be negative but rather to discuss the issues that have arisen and the potential for resolution however, students need to be aware that a recommendation to be withdrawn from their graduate program (and therefore the university) is an option.

Important Notice: If current form not used, the paperwork will be returned to Program for re-submission

Calendar Policy

  • A student who fails to meet academic standards, or whose thesis, project, practicum, or comprehensive examination is not progressing satisfactorily, may be required to withdraw by the Office of Graduate Programs on the advice of the supervisor and supervisory committee.
  • For Unsatisfactory and 2nd Needs Improvements on Progress Reports, a Continuance Review will be requested to be held and students will not be allowed to register in the next semester until approved to do so by the Office of Graduate Programs
  • Conditions may be imposed by the Office of Graduate Programs for continuation in the program. The conditions normally must be met within the next semester or the student will be required to withdraw.
  • If no supervisory committee, the Graduate Program Chair and /or coordinator responsible for graduate matters should be included in the Continuance Review Meeting.

Please NOTE the following:

  • The conditions applied to a student being allowed to continue in their graduate program will be strictly adhered to and reviewed before each subsequent registration is approved and at the final deadline imposed (if appropriate)
  • Any failure to satisfy any of all of the conditions will result in immediate withdrawal from the graduate program and / or non award of the degree.
  • The requirement to provide a monthly report to the Office of Graduate Programs involves the completion and submission of a detailed review of progress by the student,is in addition to any formal progress report expected annually in June.