The University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) began offering master’s programs in 1994 and offered its first doctoral program in 1996. UNBC continues to build and enhance its post-graduate degree offerings in all areas and now offers 28 master’s programs and 3 doctoral programs.

The Office of Graduate Programs serves as a central location and source of information for all graduate students and graduate faculty at UNBC. The office works closely with the Northern British Columbia Graduate Students Society to ensure students needs are met, and questions are answered. The Office of Graduate Programs hosts many workshops and events, including the Annual UNBC Graduate Student Conference hosted each spring.

Students are encouraged to explore the Office of Graduate Programs website to learn more about the services provided at UNBC and make their graduate experience more fulfilling.

Top Ten Tips for Graduate Students

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Student Inquiries by Third Party Representatives

What we believe in

  • We advocate the following as principles for work in Graduate Programs.
  • Achieve a calm, productive and rewarding working environment
  • Demonstrate kindness towards others, and be aware of the effect of our behaviour on, ourselves and others at work.
  • Demonstrate respect for colleagues, valuing individual and disciplinary difference and diversity.
  • We hope you accept our principles and will engage with us in order to achieve them

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