Graduate Steps to Apply

1. Explore Programs & Courses

Learn about the wide range of graduate programs, courses and potential supervisors that UNBC has to offer.

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2. Review Admission Requirements

Review the requirements to apply for Graduate Programs at UNBC.​

3. Prepare Your Documents

Prepare all the documents, fees and other materials required to complete your online application.

4. Submit Your Application

Submit your application for UNBC Graduate Studies by completing the online form and uploading all required documents. 

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Application Fees

  • Domestic Applicants: $76.50 CDN
  • International Applicants: $153.00 CDN

Payment Options

The application fee is non-refundable and required to be paid by the application deadline.

5. Follow-Up

Follow-up to check your application status, confirm receipt of documents, withdraw your application, and change your program. Log in with your User ID (G000XXXXX) and PIN.

User ID and PIN

You will receive your User ID and PIN information the first time you enter the Graduate Admission Application Status page. You must print and retain this page or write the information down as we do not email you your PIN.

If you lose your User ID information you will need to contact with the Subject Heading "Lost User ID".