Non-Defendable Project/Practicum/Major Paper Completion Process

This page provides information on the process and the names of the necessary forms for completing a non-defendable Master's Project at UNBC.

Please note: throughout this page, Project also refers to Major Research Paper.

Timeline for Non-Defendable Projects/Practicums/Major Papers

6 Months Prior to Completion

Begin preparing your final project/practicum/major paper using the "UNBC Formatting Guidelines for Dissertations, Theses, Projects or Practicum Reports"

6 month Requirements for Defendable and Non-Defendable Requests

4 Weeks Prior to Completion

If your supervisory committee is in agreement that your project/practicum/major paper is ready for completion, then proceed to the rest of this checklist.

  1. Have you ensured you are registered for the semester you are planning to submit your non-defendable project/major paper/practicum in?  (You will not be permitted to graduate unless you are registered in that semester and you have maintained continuous registration throughout your graduate studies)

  2. Have you ensured that all your fees and any holds have been paid? You will not be permitted to move forward until these fees are paid in full.

  3. Have you completed the form - Application for Graduation - Graduate?  PLEASE NOTE: If student has not submitted an "Application for Graduation" form to the Registrar's Office, this must be completed prior to the Office of Graduate Programs receiving your non-defendable paperwork.

  4. Have you ensured that the Office of Graduate Programs has received all your forms:  Program Approval/Revision Form, Supervisory Committee Approval/Revision Form, and a current Progress Report?  The Office of Graduate Programs cannot prepare your non-defendable approval page until we receive these forms.

3 Weeks Prior to Completion

Please submit the "Notice of Non-Defendable Project/Practicum Pending Completion" form and the following information to

  1. Draft PDF copy of your project/practicum/major paper;

  2. Word version of your title page; and

  3. Word Version of your abstract (not to exceed more than 150 words).  If it does our office will send back to you to fix.  This abstract must be included in the final approved version of your project/practicum/major paper.  If it exceeds the 150 words, our office will send it back to you to fix before we can submit it to the Library for publishing.

POST Completion of your Non-Defendable Project/Practicum/Major Paper

You will receive post defence instruction from the Office of Graduate Programs to your UNBC email address, shortly after receiving the Approval Page from your supervisor. Note: You will NOT be considered to have met your degree requirements until ALL items indicated in those post defence instructions have been completed and any outstanding fees or holds have been paid in full.

Submit a final PDF copy of your Project/Practicum/Major Paper and the Distribution License by email to the Office of Graduate Programs at

Your Project/Practicum/Major Paper will NOT be submitted to the library for publishing until your Distribution License is recevied by the Office of Graduate Programs.