The Office of Communications can help coordinate the design and development of displays and banners by preparing photographs, providing logos, and editing text. Contact us for more detailed information on having a banner or display made.

The following templates are available to create documents and posters that fit within UNBC's image.

Email Signature



Document Covers

Accolade Bar

The accolade bar can be inserted directly into templates and re-sized by clicking and dragging the corners.

Tip: hold down the Shift key while doing this to maintain correct proportions.

Download the Accolade Bar

Posters (11 x 17)

We offer three different poster types that can be adapted to suit your needs. We also offer interactive templates which allow you to further customize your posters, interactive posters include instructions on how to insert your own photos.

Poster Photos

A selection of poster photos are available for download. Photos are pre-sized to fit in their designated area (the grey space below the text).

How to insert photos into a template:

  1. Click and drag photo into Word document.
  2. Right click the photo and select Size and Position (Windows), or Format Picture (Mac).
  3. Select Text Wrapping (Windows), or Choose Layout (Mac) and choose In front of text - click OK.
  4. Click and drag the image into the grey area.


We offer four different brochure types that can be customized.

Certificates (8.5 x 11)

Desktop & Mobile Device Backgrounds