The Conversation at UNBC

The Conversation empowers the academic and research community to share information with the public. The stories they publish are often picked up by traditional media outlets across North America and around the world. Coverage can also lead to more in-depth reporting or interview requests on topical issues.

It strives to “inform public debate with knowledge-based journalism” and to harness the expertise of researchers and scholars to offer the public greater understanding of significant challenges facing society.

Several UNBC scholars have published articles in The Conversation. This work is published under a Creative Commons license, opening the door for media outlets around the world to republish content.

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Why should you contribute to The Conversation?

The Conversation’s international reach is impressive. Beyond the Canadian edition, it has huge international reach, including editions from Africa and Australia, as well as in countries such as Brazil, Spain, France, Indonesia, New Zealand, the U.K., and the U.S.

Authors get access to an analytics dashboard that shows the reach of your articles and can help you demonstrate knowledge mobilization.

Knowledge mobilization helps improve UNBC’s research reputation, can open doors to new relationships and research partnerships, and helps UNBC scientists inform the public on critical matters during an age of rampant mis- and disinformation.

Should you participate in The Conversation?

  • Do you have knowledge that would captivate the public's interest?
  • Can you simplify complex issues using straightforward language?
  • Do you have a timely or relevant "news hook" that adds significance to your article idea?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, chances are you have a compelling idea to pitch.

Starting your Conversation

How to pitch an idea

The editors at The Conversation regularly send emails seeking experts who can contribute articles on specific news topics. Once you register as an author with The Conversation, you'll start receiving these emails and you can submit your pitch directly on their website.

Authors can also pitch original ideas for consideration.

Remember: Pitch before you write. In your pitch, be clear about what you’ll write; provide the main points, why it matters, why you should write it, and why now is a good time to talk about it.

If they want to pursue it, an editor will contact you. These editors boast extensive experience from reputable institutions such as The Canadian Press and The New York Times Magazine. They excel at pinpointing your most compelling ideas and helping you craft articles that resonate with a broad audience.

You're encouraged to cite and link to your own scholarly work, research, and publications. Additionally, you retain the right to give final approval to your edited article before it goes live.

How UNBC Communications can help

We are happy to help you narrow down your list of ideas, refine a pitch for submission, or provide tips on writing for a non-academic audience. Just send us an email at

Even if you don’t need our help, let us know if you are developing an article. We’d love to be prepared in advance so we can consider other ways to help mobilize your knowledge through media relations, social media, and more.