News Conference Locations

The Prince George campus provides a number of excellent facilities for media events. Most locations feature natural light, spectacular architecture, excellent power availability, on-campus audio-visual services, live television transmission capabilities, and food and beverage provision. 

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Charles J. McCaffray Hall Atrium

Charles J. McCaffray Hall features a three-storey atrium with wood beams, a concrete floor, and a glass roof. It measures 24-feet wide by about 120-feet long, and can easily hold 200+ people for a news conference. During the middle of the day, direct sunlight floods the space and the acoustics can be challenging. 

Bentley Centre

The Bentley Centre provides for maximum flexibility since events can be held in the hallway or one of two adjacent rooms. The hallway has a 12-foot high ceiling and is about 150-feet long by just under 20-feet wide. One wall features floor-to-ceiling windows; the other side of the hallway provides access to the meeting rooms. For news conferences, the adjacent rooms hold between 35 and 100 people and feature a scalloped ceiling. 

Canfor Winter Garden

Located at the geographic centre of the campus, this area is heavily used during the school year. Features include a two-storey atrium with balconies along the side, built-in tiered seating, natural light, spectacular wood architecture, and an adjacent cafe. The slate floor covers an area of about 40-feet by 25-feet.and there is a modest built-in sound system. 

Teaching Laboratory Atrium

Located at the north end of the campus, the lab features a two-storey atrium with granite columns and a wood ceiling. One side of the atrium looks out towards the city of Prince George and the other provides access to two large lecture theatres, holding 120 and 160 people respectively. The lab atrium is about 100-feet long by 25-feet wide. 

Dr. Donald Rix Northern Health Sciences Centre Atrium

This two-storey atrium in the medical building is smaller than the atrium in Charles J. McCaffray Hall. It features a curved wooden roof and a carpeted floor and is often used for news conferences that pertain to the Northern Medical Program. Supplemental lighting and sound is often required for news conferences that occur in this area. 

Lecture Theatre 9-200

Located in the Northern Health Sciences Centre, this theatre holds 75 people (seated) and provides state-of-the-art video conference capabilities. Past events in this room have connected government officials, for example, from Victoria and Vancouver. The theatre has beautiful wood furniture and a built-in sound system. Availability can be restricted because the room is used for classes in the medical and nursing programs. 

Canfor Theatre

With a seating capacity of 350, the Canfor Theatre is the largest theatre on the campus. Acoustically excellent, the pie-shaped theatre features steeply raked seating and a ceiling of exposed wood beams. A large screen for audio-visual presentations and a sound system are both built-in. 

Room 5-121

Although much smaller than 9-200, this room also provides equipment for internet-based and ISDN videoconferencing. While the room holds only about 10 people, built-in lighting and equipment make it very suitable for small news conferences that require video conference links with participants at other sites. The room is located on the ground floor of the Geoffrey R. Weller Library building. 

Agora Courtyard

The University's central courtyard provides an outdoor event location. The University's Prince George campus buildings all radiate from this courtyard. The University has a number of 8-foot square tents (with walls or not) to provide extra protection against the elements. Power is easily accessible, as is the University's on-campus television feed service. The ground in the courtyard is covered with concrete and paving stones. Shaped like a horseshoe, the courtyard opens to the east, providing views of Prince George and the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. 

Teaching & Learning Centre Atrium

The Teaching and Learning Centre features a four-storey atrium with open hallways on each floor, steel beams, and a concrete floor. It measures approximately 79 feet from wall to wall and about 67 feet from the north door to the south door. It can easily hold 200+ people for a news conference.