Planning Your Degree

Planning the degree you wish to take, and learning how to get to graduation can be challenging. There are many options for you to explore, and several different majors and minors available to you.

  • Once you have chosen a degree, how do you get to graduation?
  • How do you know what courses to pick, and when to take them?
  • Are there other graduation requirements besides specific courses?

We are here to help guide you on the path to achieving your personal academic goals.  View the Program Planning Guides below, to provide you with pertinent program information and give you a sense as to what you can expect as a student in that degree program.

Program Planning Guides 

(For students starting their studies between September 2019 to August 2020)

The Program Planning Guides are for those students following the 2019-2020 Undergraduate Calendar (students that are beginning in September 2019, January 2020 or May 2020; have been admitted to a competitive entry program for intake in September 2019; or, students that have been approved to move forward Calendar years by the Program Chair).  Please click on the link below to access further information.

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Bachelor of Applied Sciences (BASc)

Bachelor of Commerce (BComm)

Bachelor of Health Science (BHSc)

Bachelor of Planning (BPl)

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)