New high school admissions

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Course registration tips

Read through the resources

Make sure you read through the resources we have made available to you on our Registration 101 page. You will find helpful videos, more tips and tricks along with additional resources to help you successfully register for your courses.

Required courses should always be scheduled first

Required classes are those that are specific to your planned major and can be found in the Academic Calendar. The majority of required courses usually has only one lecture time and is only offered in one semester. Ensuring that you have your required courses will keep you on track for your program of study. Your Student Advisor can also provide you with a list of suggested first year required courses.

If the required course has a lab or a tutorial, schedule the lab or tutorial after required classes are scheduled

You only choose one lab and /or one tutorial section per course. Labs and tutorials must be registered along with their corresponding lectures to ensure full registration of the course. 

Elective courses should always be scheduled last

These are fun courses. There will be times when elective courses will conflict with your required courses. However, required courses always come first. You will have time to fit in the fun electives throughout the time for your degree.

Build life into your schedule

If you have a choice for lecture, lab or tutorial times then select those around your study habits and social calendar. Make sure you schedule study time too! If you plan to access a tutor or the Academic Success Centre or Access Resource Centre on a regular basis build this into your timetable too. Time management is a valuable skill and helps you to achieve success in your classes.