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Reclamation is an essential part of sustainability in any natural resource industry and/or development, from mining to road construction. This three week reclamation course presents several concepts to provide a comprehensive introduction and applied overview of reclamation techniques, technologies, and biological relationships.


Learn more about the exciting Custom Training opportunities at UNBC Continuing Studies

We will work with you to ensure that you receive the training that is best suited to your organization, business or industry’s needs. This includes any specification of modules, the development of unique curriculums as well as any strategic tailoring required to exceed your expectations. Listed below are examples of popular courses, as well as commonly requested customisable modules.

Examples of Customized Courses:

* Supervisor Fundamentals
* Environmental Monitoring
* Safety Certificate Training
* Project Management
* Occupational Health and Safety
* Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Whether it is to upgrade skills or earn new qualifications, keep competencies current, maintain professional standing, satisfy mandatory accreditation requirements or to enhance personal growth and broaden perspectives, UNBC Continuing Studies delivers!

As part of the best small university in Western Canada, the Continuing Studies program at the University of Northern British Columbia serves the needs of learners of all ages.

UNBC Continuing Studies offers a wide range of programming through our campuses in Prince George, Terrace and Fort St. John. Whether you want to build your professional skills, or explore topics for your own personal interest and growth, we have the courses to suit your needs.

Please contact our office at 250-960-5980 or cstudies@unbc.ca with any questions or comments you may have.

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