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UNBC’s Environmental Monitoring Online Certificate is a professional certificate that gives students the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to work as an environmental monitor. Environmental monitors are environmental representatives who ensure that industrial activities comply with today’s government standards. Therefore, this certificate teaches students the ORCA model, the system used by environmental monitors to Observe, Record, Communicate and Archive (ORCA) data to mitigate or respond to potential environmental impacts.

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TThis course is eligible for FSG funding in semesters when the FSG is available. To confirm if funding is available at this time, and for information on how to apply for funding please access the StrongerBC future skills grant web page.

Why Choose the Environmental Monitoring Online Certificate?

  • Self-paced curriculum: Youdetermine the pace and duration it takes to finish. Approximate time to complete the certificate is 50 total hours.
  • Easy-to-use format: Video enhanced courses utilizing user interactions, activities and knowledge checks in an easy to navigate learning environment.
  • Instant course access: Immediate course access the moment you are registered for the certificate.
  • Responsive program support: From start to finish, our support staff are available to help with registration, coursework advisement, scheduling, technical support, and more.
  • Specialized industry training: The Environmental Monitoring Certificate is specifically designed and instructed by industry specialists who created the course based on required industry standards.

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