Find a Supervisor

  • Booth, Dr. Annie

    Supervises in: PhD NRES , MA NRES Environmental Studies , MNRES , MSc NRES Environmental Science


  • Chen, Jing

    Supervises in: MSc Finance


  • Connell, Dr. David

    Supervises in: PhD NRES , MA NRES Environmental Studies , MNRES


  • Coxson, Darwyn

    Supervises in: PhD NRES , MSc NRES Biology , MSc NRES Environmental Science , MNRES


  • Dawson, Dr. Russ

    Supervises in: PhD NRES , MSc NRES Biology


  • Déry, Dr. Stephen

    Supervises in: PhD NRES , MSc NRES Environmental Science , MSc NRES Geography , MNRES


  • Earley, Dr. Sinead

    Supervises in: MA NRES Environmental Studies

    Research Fields: Biodiversity / Ecology, Business, Climate Change, Community, Culture, Economics, Education, Energy, Environment, Ethics, First Nations, Forestry, Geography, History, Natural Resources, Northern Issues, Sustainability

    Areas of Expertise: environmental policy, forest management and governance, energy and carbon management, procedural justice, environmental assessment, Indigenous governance, rightsholder/stakeholder relations, resource geographies, Northern and Western Canada


  • Fondahl, Gail

    Supervises in: PhD NRES , MA NRES Environmental Studies , MA NRES Geography


  • Fredeen, Dr. Art

    Supervises in: PhD NRES , MSc NRES Biology , MSc NRES Environmental Science , MSc NRES Forestry , MNRES


  • Fu, Chengbo

    Supervises in: MBA , MSc

    Areas of Expertise: Asset Pricing, Investments, Idiosyncratic Volatility, Stock Return Predictability


  • Karunanithi, Dr. Darren

    Supervises in: MSc , PhD , MBA

    Research Fields: Business, Computer Science

    Areas of Expertise: Leadership, Organizational Behavior, HRM, Information Systems, Video Coding


  • Kitchenham, Dr. Andrew

    Supervises in: MEd Special Education , MEd Multidisciplinary Leadership , MEd Counselling , MA English

    Research Fields: Counselling, Culture, Education, First Nations, Gender and Women's Studies, Mental Health, Psychology, Youth

    Areas of Expertise: Conflict in the workplace, personality styles, interactive technologies, online teaching and learning, remedial reading, remedial math, learning disabilities, technology integration, use, and teaching, Indigenous learning preferences, Indigenous language and culture preservation, adult learning, transformative learning, assistive technologies, adaptation and modification theory and practice.


  • MacLeod, Dr. Martha

    Supervises in: MScN , MSc Health Sciences , PhD Health Sciences

    Research Fields: Health

    Areas of Expertise: nursing, rural remote and northern health, knowledge translation, knowledge mobilization, research uptake


  • MacPhail, Dr. Fiona

    Supervises in: MA International Studies , MA Development Economics


  • Mullins, Philip

    Supervises in: MNRES , MA NRES , MSc NRES , PhD NRES

    Research Fields: Anthropology, Culture, Education, Environment, Geography, Natural Resources, Northern Issues, Sustainability, Wildlife, Youth

    Areas of Expertise: Outdoor recreation, outdoor education, adventure education, adventure, expeditions, wilderness, travel, tourism, skill, environmental ethics, recreation management, experiential education, experiential learning, mobilities, phenomenology, hermeneutics, qualitative research methodologies.


  • Schiller, Catharine

    Supervises in: MScN , MScN: FNP

    Research Fields: Ethics, Health

    Areas of Expertise: Medical assistance in dying, nursing regulation, concept analysis, nursing jurisprudence, medication errors, healthcare law and ethics, nursing standards of practice.


  • Shea, Dr. Joseph

    Supervises in: PhD NRES , MSc NRES

    Research Fields: Climate Change, Environment, Weather

    Areas of Expertise: Snow, glaciers, rivers, climate change, hydrology, mountains, drones, unmanned air vehicles (UAV), remotely piloted aerial systems (RPAS), remote sensing, satellites.


  • Usman, Dr. Lantana

    Supervises in: Graduate Degrees Special Education , Graduate Degrees Gender Studies , Graduate Degrees Interdisciplinary Studies , Graduate Degrees Business Administration

    Research Fields: Education, Gender and Women's Studies

    Areas of Expertise: Educational policy studies, educational administration and leadership, economics of education, education and development, educational planning, international educational policy studies, schools and personnel management, international special education, comparative and international education, gender, women and education, women studies (South Nations), UN Girls Education Initiative, human rights and education, social justice education, rural education, organizational theory and behaviour, marketing and education, sociology of education, multicultural education, refugee and migrant education, qualitative research methods, mixed research methods (quantitative and qualitative).


  • Wood, Dr. Lisa

    Supervises in: MNRES , MSc NRES Forestry , MSc Biology

    Research Fields: Biodiversity / Ecology, Climate Change, Environment, Forestry, Natural Resources, Sustainability

    Areas of Expertise: Forestry, Silviculture, Forest and Plant Ecology, Tree-Ring Research, Plant Anatomy, Wood Anatomy, Plant Stress Responses.


  • Wright, Pamela

    Supervises in: PhD NRES , MSc NRES , MA NRES , MNRES

    Research Fields: Environment, Natural Resources, Northern Issues

    Areas of Expertise: Conservation science, protected areas, parks, ecological integrity.