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People profiles house contact information about faculty and staff at UNBC. The web team has provided the framework for profiles and relies on departments or individuals to make sure faculty and staff profiles are kept up to date.

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How people profiles are used on the website

We use profiles to generate contact pages for faculty and staff. For instance, when assigning a faculty member to the Geography site, they will automatically display on the Geography faculty page.

Faculty page example

Contact page example

You can also search for faculty and staff by visiting the UNBC people directory.

Add people profiles to your contact pages

If you noticed that your contact pages are not currently displaying people profile, send us a support ticket requesting the change and we'll work with you to make the switch.

We highly encourage utilizing people profiles on contact pages for the following reasons:

  • Each person's contact info only needs to be updated in one place - on their profile
  • Reduces the amount of time spent maintaining contact pages
  • Helps ensure the people directory stays up to date
  • Ensures a clean and consistent layout

Faculty profiles also populate the supervisor and experts directory

When creating a faculty profile, you'll notice the option to select whether the faculty member is available to supervise graduate students and/or willing to act as a subject matter expert for the media. By selecting these boxes, the faculty member will be listed in the corresponding directory. This is extremely useful for prospective graduate students searching for a supervisor. Be sure to keep faculty profiles updated to ensure the supervisor directory stays up to date.

Supervisor directory

Experts directory