Martins, Eduardo

Eduardo Martins
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Eduardo Martins has a PhD in Ecology from the University of Campinas (Brazil). Eduardo’s research focuses on the ecology and conservation of freshwater fishes in temperate and tropical rivers. Specifically, his research aims to understand the thermal, movement and population ecology of freshwater fishes and how the generated knowledge can be applied to improve their management and conservation. To conduct his research, Eduardo uses biotelemetry (e.g. radio, acoustic) and biologging (e.g. accelerometers) technologies to track and collect data from wild, free ranging fish in freshwater. He also specializes in the use of advanced statistical models including spatial capture-recapture, hierarchical, and state-space models. For his work with sockeye salmon in Canada, Eduardo was awarded a competitive postdoctoral fellowship by the Liber Ero Fellowship Program, which seeks “to support exceptional early-career scientists to conduct and communicate research that informs applied conservation and management issues".