Coxson, Darwyn

Darwin Coxson

Dr. Coxson is a Professor in the Ecosystem Science and Management program at the University of Northern British Columbia. Dr. Coxson has been actively involved at UNBC since its inception, previously holding positions on the UNBC Senate, Board of Governors, and Faculty Association.
Supervises in PhD NRES; MSc NRES Biology; MSc NRES Environmental Science; MNRES

Supervises in:
  • PhD NRES
  • MSc NRES Biology
  • MSc NRES Environmental Science

Research Interests

His research program examines the diverse contribution of non-vascular plants, such as lichens and mosses, to ecosystem function of wet-temperate rainforests and along elevational gradients in Western Canada. This research draws on experimental approaches from many fields, including lichenology, plant environmental physiology, forest ecology, and conservation biology. His more recent work includes comparative studies between rainforests in British Columbia and New Zealand.