Supervisory Committee Approval

Supervisory Committee normal composition:

Masters:  the supervisor and two other committee members for a total of three (3) members;

PhD.:  the supervisor and three other committee members for a total of four (4) members; and

NRES PhD.:  the supervisor and four other committee members for a total of five (5) members (currently under review)


  • A graduate student will have the commitment of a faculty member to act as their Supervisor at the outset of their Program. Normally, within the second semester of commencement of a graduate program a supervisory committee will be nominated. You may have input into who is on your committee, but ultimately your supervisor, in conjunction with the Program, is responsible for nominating your committee. The makeup of the Supervisory Committee must be approved by the Office of Graduate Programs.
  • A Master’s Supervisory Committee consists of at least three members including the supervisor. One member must be from outside the student’s degree and the supervisor’s program/discipline area.  The supervisor is usually Chair of the Supervisory Committee. 
  • A Doctoral Supervisory Committee consists of at least four members including the supervisor. At least one member of the committee must be from outside the Program in which the candidate’s research is being carried out.
  • The Supervisory Committee has the primary responsibility for advising, defining the program of study, and monitoring the progress of the graduate student. The Supervisory Committee should meet periodically with the graduate student to facilitate appropriate supervision through the graduate program and research project.