Senate Committees

The links to Senate committees below outline each committee's terms of reference and current membership.

Senate Committee Vacancies.Note: In the list of vacancies and the Senate committee membership, the symbol "† " denotes that an appointment by Senate is pending. To apply to serve on a Senate committee, please complete the appropriate application form found here.

For further information regarding Senate committees, please contact Alexandra Parent

Committee Chair
Steering Committee of Senate (SCS) - SCS Meeting Schedule Geoff Payne
Senate Committee on Nominations (SCN) Barbara Durau
Senate Committee on Admissions and Degrees (SCAD) Jill Mitchell Nielsen
Senate Committee on Academic Affairs - Meeting Schedule Wendy Rodgers
Senate Committee on Student Appeals (SCA) - Membership List Tammy Klassen-Ross

SCAAF Art Acquisition Subcommittee (SAAS)

Senate Committee on Curriculum and Calendar (SCCC) Kim Strathers
Senate Committee on Indigenous Initiatives Membership  - (SCII) Geoff Payne
Senate Committee on Honorary Degrees and Other Forms of Special Recognition (SCHDSR) Geoff Payne
Senate Committee on Scholarships and Bursaries (SCSB) - Meeting Schedule Paula Wood-Adams
Senate Committee on University Budget Maik Gehloff