Office of University Governance

UNBC Senate Entrance

The Office of University Governance is responsible for ensuring the effective and efficient operation of UNBC’s Board of Governors and Senate, and serves as the repository for information on all matters relating to these governing bodies and their respective committees.

The Office of University Governance manages, coordinates, and supports the operation of the Board and Senate by:

  • Providing advice on governance issues and best practices.
  • Working closely with the University Registrar and Secretary of Senate to ensure appropriate communication and collaboration between Board of Governors and Senate.
  • Working closely with senior administration on agenda and work planning for the governing bodies to ensure accountability to, and timely submission of, reports and decisions required by Government to comply with the University Act, and the general alignment and orderly conduct of the work of the governing bodies to support UNBC's Strategic and Academic Plans.
  • Providing ongoing orientation and training for Board Members and Senators, and ensuring a system for feedback and continuous improvement is in place.
  • Coordinating meetings and maintaining records for the Board of Governors, Senate, and their respective committees.

The Office of University Governance is also responsible for matters related to privacy and access to information, records management, and the development and cyclical review of institutional policies and procedures. For University Policy enquiries or feedback, please contact