Undergraduate Fees

Undergraduate fees for Prince George, regional, and international students​.

See Graduate student fees

For undergraduate tuition fees, specific course fees, and mandatory student services fees, please see the Finance Department's Fee Charts.

Other Fees

Post-Baccalaureate Diploma  $287.78 per credit hour
Course Audit Fee part-time students—$97.86 per credit hour (50% of regular tuition fee); full-time students—free
Course Challenge Fee $97.86 per credit hour (50% of regular tuition fee) 
Co-op Work Term Fee $587.16 per work term
 Orientation Fee $44.17 (one time fee applicable to all new attendees in September semesters)
Application Fee

$36.40 - Domestic1

$125.00 - International1

1To accompany each application for admission (non-refundable)

Document Evaluation Fee $40.80 (for out-of-province or out-of-country post secondary documents, non-refundable)
International Tuition Deposit $1,500.00 (due by the deadline specified at the time of admission offer. Please refer to UNBC Finance website for refund conditions and to the Office of the Registrar for conditions under which this fee may be waived).
Admissions Deferral Fee

$17.85 - Domestic

$38.25 - International

Graduation Processing Fee $43.31 per application for all graduating students (non-refundable)
Student ID Card Replacement $15.00 per lost or damaged card
Specific Course Fees Certain courses carry additional fees (click here to see the fee list) to cover the costs of field trips, lab supplies, or readings
International Exchange Application Fee $25.00 per application (undergraduate and graduate, non-refundable)
International Exchange Placement Fee $100.00 per application (undergraduate and graduate, non-refundable)
Study Abroad Application Fee $125.00 USD per application to National Student Exchange Program (undergraduate and graduate, non-refundable)
Certified True Copy Fee $30.00
Official Transcript Fee $10.40 per transcript copy
Transcript Delivery Fee $20.40
Confirmation of Enrollment Fee $12.00
Letter of Permission Fee $12.00 per application 
NSF Charge $15.00 per returned cheque

Outstanding accounts are subject to a monthly service charge of 2% on the outstanding principal (26.82% per annum).

Parking Fees

For parking fees, please visit Parking Services to access this information.

Residence Fees

For housing fees, please visit Housing and Residence Life to access this information. 

Additional Information on Fees

BC Residents 65 Years or Older

BC residents who are 65 years of age or older, and who are eligible for admission, may register for courses and receive a waiver of tuition. Please note that in those areas where there is a limited number of spaces available or when programs/courses are deemed to be cost-recovery, students under this category of registration may not receive priority or be eligible for the waiver. Students are responsible for all ancillary fees.

Student Services Fee

The student services fees are collected from full-time and part-time students registered for courses, and are utilized to augment services to students.

NUGSS Health and Dental Plan

All full-time undergraduate students who are registered on the Prince George campus and are members of the Northern Undergraduate Student Society (NUGSS) are automatically enrolled in the NUGSS Health and Dental Plan.

Your student Plan provides you with health and dental coverage for 12 months, from September 1 to August 31 of the following year. If you are already covered by an equivalent extended health and dental plan, you may opt out online during the Change-of-Coverage Period (typically within the first three weeks of classes - for exact deadlines visit https://www.studentcare.ca/). Your Plan also gives you the option to enroll your family (spouse and/or dependents) by paying an additional fee. Most members that are not automatically covered, but who wish to have coverage, are able to enroll themselves for an additional fee. Students starting in January may enroll at a pro-rated rate for eight months of coverage (January 1 to August 31). For more information, contact https://www.studentcare.ca/ or 1-866-358-4431.


The PGPIRG fee is collected by UNBC on behalf of the Prince George Public Interest Research Group. The mandate of this group is to organize its members around topics of public interest such as social justice and environmental issues. Please contact the group at (250) 960-7474 for further information.

Payment Due Date

All student accounts are payable in full by the first day of the semester and refunds will only be available until the end of the add/drop date. After this time the refunds will be discounted as outlined in the fee reduction schedule. A service charge of 2% per month (annualized rate of 26.82%) will be applied to any outstanding balance when the account reaches 30 days past due and every 30 days subsequent until the account is paid in full. 

Financial Hold

Students who fail to pay the outstanding balance of their current account will be placed on financial hold. While on financial hold, no subsequent registration activity will be allowed, no official transcripts of the academic record will be issued, and a student can be denied graduation. The financial hold will be removed when the outstanding balance, including all service charges, is paid in full. Account questions can be addressed to accountsreceivable@unbc.ca.

Failure to Notify

Any student failing to provide written notification to the Office of the Registrar of their complete withdrawal from a course or slate of courses will be assessed full tuition fees for those registered courses and receive grades of F on their transcript. 


Payments can be made by cash, debit card, cheque, American Express, MasterCard, Visa, wire transfer, or money order. Please ensure that the correct student number is written on the face of all cheques and money orders submitted to the University. Fees may be paid by the following methods: 

  • by wire transfer: bank-to-bank wire transfers can be arranged through your financial institution. Wire transfer instructions can be found on the Finance website.
  • in person: at the Cashier's Office during hours of operation. Tuition payments are also accepted at UNBC’s regional offices in Terrace, Fort St. John and Quesnel. 
  • American Express, MasterCard, Visa, or Interac Debit Card will be accepted in person by the Cashier, or on online at the UNBC website.

    Any questions regarding making payments may be directed to the Cashier's Office by telephone at (250) 960-5631 or by fax at (250) 960-5251.

    Payment inquiries can be addressed to cashier@unbc.ca. Do not e-mail credit card or banking information. For further information, please visit the Finance website.

Refund Policy

  • Refunds can be applied for at the Cashier’s Office after the add/drop period. Allow two to three weeks for processing. If there is a credit on a student’s account and no refund is requested, the credit will be applied to the next semester.

Fee Reduction Schedule*

May Semester and Intersessions 2024 (May 1 to August 17)
May 7, 2024 Last day to add/drop without financial penalty for the Spring Intersession
May 15, 2024 Last day to add/drop without financial penalty for May Semester
May 21, 2024 Last day to withdraw without academic penalty, 50% tuition refund for Spring Intersession
June 20, 2024 Last day to withdraw without academic penalty, 50% tuition refund for May Semester
July 8, 2024 Last day to add/drop without financial penalty for Summer Intersession
July 19, 2024 Last day to withdraw without academic penalty, 50% tuition refund for Summer Intersession

*For condensed courses, the last day to withdraw (50% tuition refund) is indicated in the course specific documentation.

NOTE: Exceptions to the refund policy may apply, subject to approval by the UNBC Board of Governors.

Medical Insurance Fee for International Students

UNBC has a compulsory medical insurance policy for international students. International students must provide proof of valid medical coverage for each semester that they register at UNBC. A hold will be placed on a student’s file if proof of valid medical coverage is not supplied.

A medical insurance fee of $190 will be assessed automatically each semester. If students have valid BC Medical Insurance or comparable private insurance, the fee can be waived. Students without medical insurance will be asked to enroll in a university-sponsored plan which costs $190 for four months of coverage.

Students must contact the International department to enroll in the private insurance plan or to receive a waiver of the medical insurance fee. Please note that simply paying the $190 fee does not fulfill the policy. The policy requires that international students have valid medical insurance while at UNBC, and that they demonstrate proof of such coverage.

Note: Standards for accounts receivable billing and collection of student accounts receivable are subject to UNBC Policy on Student Accounts. For further information on Student Accounts Receivable, please see the Finance website.