Academic Structure

Faculty of Business and Economics

School of Business
School of Economics

Faculty of Environment

Department of Ecosystem Science and Management
     Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Management
Department of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
     Environmental Science
School of Planning and Sustainability
     Environmental Planning
     Environmental and Sustainability Studies

Faculty of Human and Health Sciences

Department of Psychology
School of Education
School of Health Sciences
School of Nursing
School of Social Work
UBC Division of Medical Sciences

Faculty of Indigenous Studies, Social Sciences and Humanities

Department of Anthropology
Department of English
Department of First Nations Studies
Department of History
Department of Global and International Studies
Department of Political Science
Interdisciplinary Studies
Northern Studies
Women’s and Gender Studies

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Department of Computer Science
School of Engineering (Civil, Environmental, Integrated)
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Department of Physics