Student Success Initiative

UNIV 101-3 (Introduction to Higher Education) is a three-credit, multidisciplinary elective that is an appropriate foundation course for most university degree programs. It offers an introduction to the university and its many services, an explanation of the methods of academic inquiry employed in the various disciplines, and an opportunity to learn and practice the study skills and learning strategies that are required for academic success. Students are given opportunities to use the information from this course to improve their academic performance in the other courses they are studying.
UNIV 101-3 is most appropriate for students who are in their first year of study at a university, including those who have transferred from regional colleges. It is also appropriate for mature students who have been away from academic study for a period of time. 
For additional information, see the description of the course that is located in the course description section of the calendar under the title, UNIV 101-3.