New Specialist Returns to the North

Urologist Dr. Alym Abdulla is the first Northern Medical Program graduate to return to the North as a specialist.

Radiation Therapy Prescribing Practices

New research by Dr. Rob Olson shows how changes in radiation therapy prescribing practices could lead to cost savings and improve patient quality of life.

NMP Serving Northern BC Well

Dr. Paul Winwood, head of the Northern Medical Program, explains that two-thirds of Northern Medical Program graduates are in northern or rural communities.

Congratulations NMP Grads!

The Northern Medical Program is celebrating its eighth graduating class this year. Nine of these new doctors are going on to residencies in Northern BC. 

Drinking age law impact on young drivers

A recent study led by Dr. Russ Callaghan with the Northern Medical Program shows that minimum legal drinking age legislation has a significant effect on collisions among young drivers.

Effects of Drinking Age Studied

A recent study authored by Dr. Russell Callaghan demonstrates the significant effect drinking age laws can have on youth mortality rates. The findings were published in the international journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

Apply to the NMP

As part of the UBC Faculty of Medicine Undergraduate Program, the Northern Medical Program (NMP) is seeking well-rounded, motivated, mature students who have a genuine interest in learning medicine in the context of rural, remote and northern communities. The program's goal is to increase the number of medical graduates practicing in communities where there is a great need for more healthcare professionals.

The Application Process

The application for admission into the Faculty of Medicine at UBC was changed for the 2004 entering class with the introduction of the Rural and Remote Suitability Score (RRSS) in order to gather information that would assist in the selection of appropriate students for the Northern Medical Program. This includes an applicant's experience in rural/remote/northern/Aboriginal communities, activities relevant to rural/remote/northern living (such as outdoor activities, volunteering, cultural activities, etc), independent decision-making and ties to rural/remote/northern locations and the influence of role models to pursue a career in medicine. 

In addition, candidates who meet the outlined admission criteria are interviewed using the Mini Multiple Interview format.  Interviewers are represented from across the province and comprise of clinicians, academics, members of the community at large and senior medical students.  The call for volunteer interviewers takes place each fall and student Interviews are conducted in the spring.

Following the interviews, each candidate is asked to rank their preferred site locations (Vancouver, the Southern Medical Program, the Island, or the North) in order of preference.

For information regarding application deadlines and timelines, please see the MD Undergraduate Admissions website:

The ​Selection Process

Preference is given to residents of BC, although a small number of out-of-province applicants are accepted each year. Residents of the Yukon, NWT, or Nunavut are considered in the same manner as BC residents. The evaluation criteria include various academic and non-academic criteria.

The selection of NMP students is governed by the UBC Senate and is the responsibility of the Faculty of Medicine's Undergraduate Admissions Office. Northern Medical Program students are selected by an NMP admissions sub-committee, comprised of representatives from the UBC Faculty of Medicine, UNBC, SMP, IMP, northern physicians, and two UBC medical students.

Applicants must be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident.

Aboriginal applicants are encouraged to contact James Andrew, Aboriginal Student Initiatives Coordinator, UBC Admissions Office 604-875-8289 Ext: 68946.

All students applying to the UBC Faculty of Medicine must meet the criteria established for selection; the NMP students are simply those students who demonstrate  a strong aptitude and attitude for rural education.


As a part of UBC Faculty of Medicine, the NMP considers students from a variety of backgrounds and degree programs. Applicants are encouraged to review the profiles of past students admitted to medical school at UBC.

For detailed admission program requirements, prerequisite equivalents available at UNBC, and a detailed checklist outlining the key application dates, go to the Faculty of Medicine Admissions Office.

Application Fees

For detailed information on application fees and method of payment, visit the Faculty of Medicine at UBC Admission Site.

Apply Now​

Applications are completed online through UBC Faculty of Medicine online application system.

If you have any question about applying, contact the Admissions Site Coordinator, or UBC Faculty of Medicine Admissions staff at

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