Active Minds Science PALS Camps (Ages 6-8)

Please note if your child has completed kindergarten and is turning 6 this calendar year they are eligible to register for these camps.

Academy of Science

Get your goggles and lab coats ready to engage in a week of fun and exciting introductory science. Dive into a week of interactive, investigative activities that span a diversity of sciences and learn how these disciplines interact with each other and our day to day lives. Explore chemical reactions, biological processes, and the physics of everyday life using household materials. Each week features a fresh sampling of activities that fosters scientific curiosity through active learning. Discover what it means to be a scientist, think critically, and most importantly, how fun science can be!

Explore Your World

Dive into a week of environmental sciences and investigate our earth from soil to sky. Experience what it means to be an environmental scientist by learning about the many disciplines that this field incorporates such as ecology, biology, zoology, and geology. Learn about wilderness safety techniques while also learning how to respect and protect our planet. Perform experiments at home and investigate what it means to be green and sustainable while having fun and engaging in the world around you. Do you have a love for exploring your world and one week just isn’t enough? No problem! Sign up for more than one week, each camp will have new and exciting activities to do.

Mini Med

Welcome to Mini Med, a crash course about your own body! Activate your muscles and your mind for a roster of health science activities that encourage you to get up and go. Learn how the body works and how to take care of it while fostering a love of medicine. Special topics include the circulatory, respiratory, nervous, digestive and musculoskeletal systems. Get your body moving, heart pumping, and head thinking as you jump into the world of health sciences.

How to Engineer Everything

Be an engineer for a week! Put your thinking cap on as you jump headfirst into the practical application of science and math made fun. Get firsthand experience designing, constructing, and testing your creations. Problem-solve, work, play, and laugh through the week as you engage in the many disciplines of engineering that are critical in the development of our modern society. Is one week just not enough to satisfy your curiosity and creativity? Don’t worry, there is so much more to learn! Register for multiple weeks, there will be new and exciting activities to do each time.

Galaxy Explorers

Get out of this world and into the exploration of endless space! This stellar club will have you spending time learning about the universe and all the celestial objects that are in it. Through this activity club you will learn how to think quickly like an astronaut, make a myriad of rockets, and much more! What planet is the closest to the sun? How does gravity work? You will use your hands to build and your mind to design and visualize. This club will ignite intrigue toward the never ending expanse of space!

Before the Ice Age

What happened to the dinosaurs and just how cold were the ice ages? Travel through history to times when woolly mammoths walked the earth and pterodactyls roamed the sky. Be prepared to learn about different environmental challenges that faced the dinosaurs, how rocks form and move, and of course dinosaurs! This club will be a combination of archaeology, paleontology, and different environmental sciences to round out your knowledge of the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous eras, while also tying in modern ideas and views on the dinosaurs. Discover the world like you've never seen in before in this prehistoric club and investigate the earth’s history.