Active Minds Science Camps (Ages 9-12)

Please note if your child is turning 10 this calendar year they are eligible to register for these camps.

Cyber Chase

Chase the cyber world! Gear up for a week long crash course in programming and computing! These camps come in two cool virtual themes focusing on Scratch or Micro:bits.

Scratch: Each day will feature a small tutorial through the scratch program as well as a deeper exploration of computing with both online and offline activities. Each week has a different theme of game styles the leader will work through and campers will be encouraged to create and build their own game to share at the end of the week. Week 1 being an adventure game, week 2 being a role-playing game, and week 3 being a platforming game!

Micro:bits: This camp centres all around the amazing pocket-sized computer that allows you get creative in coding! These camps come with your very own micro:bit that we ship directly to you so you can keep on exploring outside of the activity club! There are two repeated variations of this camp: 

Week 1: Computers in Our Lives: A fun experience to learn how computers are all around us and how they aid us in our daily lives. We will work with the micro:bit microprocessor to create some tools for exploring our house.

Week 2 - Game Night: A fun dive into the mathematical side of computing, this camp uses the micro:bits to create games and gaming tools such as dice to explore programming and hardware.

Engineering 101

Think outside the box and ignite your engineering creativity! Jump headfirst into the practical application of science and math made fun. With so many engineering types including civil, chemical, mechanical, geological, and environmental there so much to explore and learn! By participating in our week-long virtual camp you'll gain experience in the engineering process of designing, constructing, testing and then rebuilding your creations. Test your engineering imagination from the comfort of your home.

Wilderness Wonderland

Being stuck at home makes you miss the outdoors, join us for a week-long virtual camp that takes learning about the outdoors to inside your home. Explore the different types of environmental sciences like ecology, biology, geology, and more through fun hands-on activities! This camp will help you have a better understanding of the world around you and the ways we can protect it.

Chem 101

Get your chance to be a mad scientist for a week! Learn all about the field of chemistry and how its concepts make up our world. In our daily Zoom video calls you will participate in an experiment or activity as well as games, all using common household materials to get you feeling like a chemist in your own at home lab. Through these lessons and activities, campers will learn all about the scientific method and chemical reactions and how they exist in real-world scenarios! Amplify your understanding of the elements, atoms, and molecules with exciting demonstrations. Get ready for a week of fun, exploring the amazing world of chemistry! 

Jr Med

Leap into a week of informative fun about the many aspects related to our health and the human body as a doctor for a week! Explore aspects of physiology and exercise your mind in the process to better understand how our bodies and brains are put together and how they work on a daily basis. Apply your knowledge of exercise and nutrition to see how we can keep our bodies and minds healthy. Finally, fuel your understanding of science and biomedical science and be introduced to the many careers health science has to offer!