Active Minds Science Camps (Ages 9-12)

Please note if your child is turning 9 this calendar year they are eligible to register for these camps or the younger age group.

Bot Builders

Technology is progressing at light speed, enabling robots to accomplish astonishing tasks. Spend a week with Active Minds engrossed in the wonders robotic technology has to offer by using Lego Mindstorms to develop a robot! By using the various sensors included in the Mindstorms Kits, your robot will have the ability to walk, talk, detect objects, and so much more! These camps will provide a hands-on learning environment that will challenge your child's mind. Join in the fun and push the envelope of what you think is possible and engage in creative robotic engineering.

Cyber Chase

Chase the cyber world! Gear up for a crash course in computer coding and hardware where campers will get to try their hand at fun computer-based activities. Take a look into programming by designing electronic-based projects with open software platforms such as Arduino programming, and get an intro to 3D printing and its many uses! Campers will get to be challenged in various computer programming tasks including coding their own programs, creating their own games, and designing web pages. This camp is a fun-packed way to learn about computers and enrich problem-solving skills by designing and implementing your own unique projects!

Engineering 101

Think outside the box and ignite your engineering creativity! Jump headfirst into the practical application of science and math made fun. Study and gain an understanding in a variety of engineering types including civil, chemical, mechanical, geological, environmental and more! Gain experience in the engineering process of designing, constructing, testing and then rebuilding your creations.

Wilderness Wonderland

Gear up for an exciting week all about the great outdoors. Get outside to learn about and enjoy the beautiful Northern nature surrounding the university campus. Explore the vast range of environmental science including ecology, biology, zoology, geology, and much more through fun activities. Gain some useful survival skills, learning about how to explore our wilderness safely. Discover common wildlife and plants with hands-on identification-based activities. Finally learn the importance of respecting and protecting our planet through interesting conservation and eco-friendly activities.

Chem 101

Get your chance to be a mad scientist for a week! Learn all about the field of chemistry and how its concepts make up our world. Through hands-on experiments and activities, campers will learn all about chemical reactions and how they exist in real-world scenarios. Amplify your understanding of the elements, atoms, and molecules with exciting demonstrations. Get ready for a week of fun, exploring the amazing world of chemistry!

Jr Med

Leap into a week of informative fun about the many aspects related to our health and the human body as a doctor for a week! Further, explore aspects of physiology and exercise your mind in the process to better understand how our bodies and brains are put together and how they work on a daily basis. Apply your knowledge of exercise and nutrition to see how we can keep our bodies and minds healthy. Finally, fuel your understanding of science and biomedical science and be introduced to the many careers health science has to offer!