Current Wireless Coverage at UNBC

UNBC has wireless access points delivering service to the Prince George campus,  UNBC Residences, Terrace campus and the BMO Building downtown Prince George

Plans for the Future

Goals and Objectives:
  • One of the goals for expansion is to drastically improve coverage inside buildings
  • Another goal is to find densely populated areas (like 2nd floor library), and expand our number of access points to divide up the connections and share the load
  • We are also working on a wireless controller system that allows our access points to all work together (instead of stand alone like they currently are)
A few of the benefits are:
  • Improved coverage and service by automatic tuning of the radios in the access points
  • The ability to detect and eliminate sources of interference such as un-authorized
    ( home WiFi routers etc.)
  • The ability to roam across campus and have your running connection handed off to different AP's as you travel throughout campus
  • Currently your device will re-associate and drop any connection