File transfers with Sync

Have a file that's too big to send from your email account? Use Sync to transfer large data files outside of the UNBC network.

UNBC has recently decommissioned the ”File Portal” large file transfer application due to several security and viability concerns of the application. Over the past several months, ITS has been looking at several ”Dropbox” like services that meet Canadian data residency requirements as per the provincial FIPPA legislation.

ITS recommends the use of ”Sync”, a Canadian based and hosted web-based file transfer application, for the transfer of large data files outside of the UNBC network. Instructions on how to install and use the Sync application can be also be found on the (intranet) page.

Support and Inquiries

Each employee is responsible for the management of UNBC records. The university community does have support to help everyone manage that responsibility. If you are experience technical difficulties with the service, use the FAQs, official user manual and contact technical support.  If you have any questions about the required data security and information management practices that are not addressed in these guidelines contact:

Data Security Inquiries

Annette Doyle
IT Security Analyst
250-960-6324 (26324)

Privacy and Information Management Inquiries

Adam Cullum
Information Governance Officer
250-960-5139 (25139)