Wireless services

UNBC has wireless access points delivering service to the Prince George campus, UNBC Residences, Terrace campus, and the WIDC and WIRL buildings in downtown Prince George.

Wireless connection instructions

Wireless guest accounts

Housing and Residence Life - for people staying in Housing students living at campus housing, please contact the Housing and Residence Life Student and Office at housing@unbc.ca for Resident Guest Wireless access.

Northern Sports Centre - NSC Patrons please visit the Front Desk at the Northern Sports Centre.

UNBC Prince George campus – for guests at the Prince George campus, please register with the self-service wireless access. To register for UNBC Guest WiFi you will need access to your email from a data connection.

  1. Once you are on campus, please connect to the wireless network called “UNBC- Guest Sign-up”.
  2. Enter your email address and name.
  3. Check your email for an Access Code
  4. Connect your PC, tablet, or smartphone to the WiFi network “UNBCGuest” using the instructions provided by your device manufacturer.
  5. Enter the access key (password).

Use of the guest wireless system at UNBC implies that you have read, acknowledged, and accepted the terms of UNBC’s Acceptable Use Policy.

Please see our knowledge base article on our support portal for more information on WIFI Access.

For other wireless inquiries please contact support@unbc.ca.

UNBC Acceptable Use Policy