Wireless services

UNBC has wireless access points delivering service to the Prince George campus, UNBC Residences, Terrace campus, and the WIDC and WIRL buildings in downtown Prince George.

Wireless guest accounts

All wireless guest account requests must be routed through the IT Service Desk.  A wireless guest account can be obtained by contacting Client Services or online thorough IT Support.

Plans for the future

Goals and objectives

  • Upgrade each current access point to the newest industry standard
  • Identify high density areas and compose unique solutions for each area dependent upon the areas layout and usage
  • Upgrade our controller technology to take advantage of recent developments in the wireless industry; possibly removing the need for a controller entirely

A few of the benefits are:

  • Creative use of radio signals and physics will improve coverage and signal strength in general
  • Possibly identify and pin point the location of rogue signals (home wifi devices)
  • Take advantage of newer, higher bandwidth capabilities of the newer Access Points