University Joint Health & Safety Committee

The University Joint Health and Safety Committee is comprised of Employee and Employer members representing the UNBC community.

The Committee mandate is to advise, assist, and make recommendations to help minimize workplace risks, and potential for accidents and injuries thereby improving the health, safety, and personal security of Students, Faculty, Staff, Contractors, and Visitors to the University.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact your appropriate member representative below.

University Joint Health and Safety Committee Members 

NAME                                      POSITION                                                                       EMAIL
Sarah Elliott, (Co-Chair)
Employer Rep 
Director, Safety and
Barb Daigle,  
Employer Rep, Alternate
Interim Vice-President, Finance, People and Business Operations
Kerry Roberts,
Employer Rep 
Director of Human
Sean Kinsley,     
Employer Rep, Alternate                         
Senior Financial Analyst
Erik Jensen,
Employer Rep
Dean of
Shannon Wagner,
Employer Rep
Interim Dean of
Mark Dale
Employer Rep, Alternate
Dean of Regional
Twylla Hamelin,
Employer Rep 
Administrative Director
Trevor Smith
Employer Rep, Alternate
Manager, School of Nursing
David Claus,
Employer Rep
Director, Facilities/ Capital
Aaron Olsen,
Employer Rep, Alternate
Manager, Facilities Operations
Helen Lapp, (Co-Chair)
CUPE Employee Rep
Library Technical
Deb Schweder,
CUPE Employee Rep, Alternate
Administrative Assistant Security &
Beth Gentleman,
CUPE Employee Rep
Chemistry Lab
Richard Pattinson,
CUPE Employee Rep,  Alternate
Enrolment Services
Natalie de Bruyn,
CUPE Employee Rep,  (Positional)
Bethany Haffner,
CUPE Employee Rep, Alternate
Awards & Finanical Aid
Christa Florell,
Faculty Employee Rep
FA- Professional Svs Officer
Chris Jackson,
Faculty Employee Rep, Alternate
Senior Lab Instructor -
Faculty Employee Rep 
Alina Constantin, 
Faculty Employee Rep, Alternate
Sr. Lab Instructor -
Tammy Klassen-Ross,
Faculty Employee Rep, (Positional)
Assistant Professor
Maik Gehloff,
Faculty Employee Rep, Alternate
Sr. Lab Instructor
Lydia Troc,
Ex-Officio Resource
Manager, Health &
Conan Ma,
Ex-Officio Resource
Chemical Safety Officer
Jennifer Skaar,
Recording Secretary
Risk & Safety

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