Field Safety

Important Documents

These documents are compilations of advice and information on particular safety issues in conducting field work, both in a wilderness and a community-based research setting. 


Field Safety Training - Community-based Research - 16 April 2015
Safety issues associated with Community-based Field Research will be held in a 1-day drop-in session in April 2015.  Topics will include “why a safety plan is needed in Community-based Research” and “how to implement safety in the field”, as well as number of special topics covered in the afternoon session (see attachment).  The session will be held at UNBC and is free of charge.  To inquire about this session, please email Laura Ryser

Field Safety training - Outdoor or Wilderness-based Research - 1 May 2015
Safety issues associated with Wilderness-based Field Research will be held in a 1 day session in May 2015, but there will be pre-workshop material participants will be expected to review before coming.  Topics include wildlife safety, working alone and communication protocols, vehicle safety and calling procedures, as well as others (see attachment).  There will be a fee of $20/participant in this session to cover the costs of supplies.  To inquire about this session, please email Ken Otter  or Colin Chisholm

NOTE - If you are conducting field work prior to the course offerings, you and your supervisor can cover similar material via a self study that identifies the major components of the Wilderness-based Field Safety session and file this with Risk & Safety Management prior to commencing work.  You can then also participate in the Field Safety Training sessions, or conduct equivalent training independently with the supervisors on individual projects.

Certificates will be presented to participants who complete these training workshops, a record of your completion will be kept on file with both UNBC's Risk & Safety and Research Offices.


The WSCA provides various certified training courses including 'ATV' and 'Resource Road and Light Truck Driving'

Safety Training and Safety Program developer. Courses include Bush Driving, ATV, and S100.

Field Safety Committee - Minutes of Meetings

Members of the Committee

Che Elkin, Associate Professor, ESM (FSTY)   250-960-5004


Colin Chisholm, Assistant Forest Mgr, Aleza Lake Research Forest.    250-960-6338

Chris Jackson, Sr. Lab Instructor, Geography Program.   250-960-6438

Laura Murphy, Research Mgr, Rural & Small Town Studies Program. 250-960-5320

Audrey Faber, NBCGSS Representative

Vacant, Northern Undergraduate Student Society Academic Rep


Lydia TrocManager of Health & Safety   250-960-5530

Sarah Elliott, Director, Safey and Security   250-960-5535

Ken Otter, Professor, ESM (BIOL)  250-960-5019

Lisa Poirier, Asst Professor ESM (BIOL)  250-960-5019

Jennifer Skaar, Recording Secretary.   250-960-5020