Menounos, Dr. Brian

Dr. Brian Menounos
PhD Professor, Geography Canada Research Chair in Glacier Change
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Brian is a professor of the Geography Program at the University of Northern British Columbia and a Canada Research Chair in Glacier Change. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia in 2003.

Research and Expertise

Brian's research is aimed at understanding past and present climate change in western Canada. He specializes in using annually-laminated lake sediments to reconstruct long-term patterns of hydro-climatic variability from mountain watersheds. His research interests include glaciers and glacier change, process geomorphology, paleoenvironmental reconstruction, process, Quaternary and surficial geology, production and mobility of fine-grained sediments in mountain systems, and surface hydrologic processes. His current research program centres around earth surface systems in three thematic areas: Holocene glacier fluctuations; environmental controls of proglacial lake sedimentation; and recent and future changes to the cryosphere.