Susan Stevenson Memorial Fund

As its first project of this kind, the Natural Resources and Environmental Studies Institute (NRESi) is building a fund to support NRES students in memory of wildlife ecologist and NRESi member Susan Stevenson. During a 35-year career built primarily in the BC central interior, Susan designed and implemented important research and inventory projects related to mountain caribou habitat, lichen biology, and silvicultural systems. She collaborated effectively with allied researchers in other domains of biology, forestry, and environmental science. She gave generously of her expertise to the next generation of scientists, by providing guest lectures, assisting at field schools, and serving on graduate advisory committees.  Susan exemplified the Institute’s values of interdisciplinary curiosity and unselfish collaboration, and enriched the lives of all those who worked and studied with her.

The Institute invites its members and the wider community to join it in supporting the Susan Stevenson Memorial Fund. Donations are can be made through the UNBC Office of University Advancement:
  1. Visiting UNBC Giving website
  2. Click on the grey Make a Gift button
  3. Enter the information requested
  4. When you reach the question of Please direct my donation to: select Other
  5. Important - In the Comments area, add that you would like your gift to be contributed to the Susan Stevenson Memorial Fund