The NRESi recognizes three types of members: regular, associate, and lifetime members. ‘Regular’ memberships will normally be granted to UNBC-based researchers who hold more than a 3-year term appointment. ‘Associate’ memberships are normally for 3-year renewable terms and are available to Adjunct Professors, visiting researchers, and other researchers whose primary affiliation is with another university, government agency, industry, or other organization. Post-doctoral fellows who are working with researchers at UNBC are eligible for Associate membership. ‘Lifetime’ memberships are granted to an individual or representative from an organization recognized through receipt of one of NRESi’s awards. In the case of individuals, lifetime memberships go beyond their formal research career; organizations in receipt of a lifetime membership may transfer their contact person, as needed. While UNBC graduate students are not considered NRESi members, they are invited to participate in all NRESi event and activities, including a number of opportunities to showcase their work to NRESi’s broad network.

To apply for membership, applicants should submit: (1) a short one-page letter outlining why they wish to join the Institute and how they plan to contribute to the stated goals and activities of the NRESi; and, (2) a CV outlining research interests and record of recent publications and/or accomplishments. Applications for membership will be evaluated by the Institute’s Steering Committee.