Special Events & Activities

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NRESi Special Events

In addition to the weekly NRESi Colloquium series and Annual Lecture, the NRESi also hosts a number of other events throughout the year. These events include a Graduate Icebreaker in the fall and the Annual Peace Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program lecture, held in the spring.

Peace-Williston Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program Colloquium Series
There are three NRESi Colloquium special presentations sponsored by the Peace-Williston Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program, scheduled for winter 2016.
  1. Thursday, February 25, 2016. Mackenzie Rec Centre, Mackenzie, BC. Using meso-carnivores as a measure of change in Forest Ecosystems: A case study from the John Prince Research Forest (JPRF). Dexter Hodder, John Prince Research Forest.
  2. Friday, March 4, 2016. LIDO Theatre - Fort St. John, BC. A Tale of 3 fish: A migrant, an invader, and a resident. Dr. Mark Shrimpton, University of Northern British Columbia.
  3. Monday, March 21, 2016. Room 7-212. UNBC Campus, Prince George, BC. Local through global influences on mercury in fish. Dr. Karen Kidd. University of New Brunswick.

Past Event and Meeting Information
Forest Tenure in British Columbia
On April 3rd, 2014, the Natural Resources & Environmental Studies Institute (NRESi) held their Annual Lecture. This year’s presenter was Al Gorley, who is the President of Triangle Resources Inc. and Former Chair of the B.C. Forest Practices Board. His talk was titled: Area-Based Tenure: If Not TFLs, Then What? (To view the presentation, please click here) During his presentation, Mr. Gorley provided an overview of the tenure system and the crossroads the current government is facing when planning the future of forest management in British Columbia.

As a result of this presentation, discussion was sparked among the participants who shared a desire to continue the conversation. NRESi took a leadership role in planning, organizing, and coordinating an event to bring together diverse interests in a dialogue. The event, Forest Tenures in British Columbia: Discussing the Options, Developing Innovative Solutions, was held on Wednesday, April 17th from 6pm-8pm at the UNBC Prince George campus, hosted by NRESi. The intent of the discussion was not to have a consensus as to the best approach of tenure or system of tenures, but instead create a venue to allow for all perspectives to be considered and interests incorporated, informed by their expertise. With the discussion and opportunities to share the diverse values and priorities, participants would have further information to support their individual comments and input into the current forest tenure consultation process. The event provided a venue for diverse perspectives to come together and openly discuss forest management and the crossroads that it currently faces for future planning. While the event provided a short opportunity to discuss the needs, priorities, benefits, and challenges, it succeeded in providing a high level snapshot of the desires and commonalities among interest groups.

To review a summary of the discussions, please click here to view the workshop proceedings.

Cumulative Impacts
Cumulative Environmental, Community and Health Effects of Multiple Natural Resource Developments in Northern BC
On Friday, January 10 and Saturday, January 11, 2014, a two-day event on Cumulative Environmental, Community and Health Effects of multiple Natural Resource Developments in Northern British Columbia with a focus on oil and gas was held at UNBC. This event was hosted jointly by three UNBC research institutes: Natural Resources and Environmental Studies Institute (NRESi), Health Research Institute (HRI) and Community Development Institute (CDI).

To read more about this workshop, view videos, presentations and other relevant links, please see the event's website by clicking here.