Research Extension Notes

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The Natural Resources and Environmental Studies Institute’s Research Extension Notes (REN) are peer-reviewed publications of the research findings of NRESi members and of graduate students in the NRES Graduate Program. NRESi Research Extension Notes are intended to provide an outlet through which Institute members can make their research findings available to a non-technical audience. Research Extension Notes are published in electronic format. More information formatting and submission of Research Extension Notes can be found here.

Published Research Extension Notes

Publication Number Title (Click on the title of the REN to view )
REN-01 How is forest management influencing carbon storage in sub-boreal forests? (Art Fredeen)
REN-02 The timing of peatland initiation in east-central British Columbia: a first look (Paul Sanborn and Timothy Jull)

Effects of Partial Cutting on Forage Lichens for Caribou in a Subalpine Forest: The Pinkerton Mountain Silvicultural System Trial Revisited 10 years After Harvesting (Susan Stevenson and Darwyn Coxson)


Pre-harvest stand structure and wildlife habitat attributes at a group selection site in the Interior Cedar-Hemlock Zone (Susan Stevenson and Eric Phillips)


Propagation and fungal inoculation of black huckleberry and velvet-leaf blueberry: How can these species be used in ecological reclamation? (Irene McKechnie, Phil Burton, and Hugues Massicotte)


Biological and physical characteristics of drinking water from wells in Kamdini Parish, Northern Uganda. (Chris Opio, 2010)


Foliar nutrient concentrations and potential limitations of white spruce (Picea glauca (Moench) Voss) in Yukon, Canada.  (Alyson Watt, Art Fredeen, and Paul Sanborn, 2012)


Effects of heliskiing on mountain goats: recommendations for updated guidelines (Becky Cadsand, Michael Gillingham, Doug Heard, Katherine Parker, and Garth Mowat, 2013)

REN-09 Burning for northern mountain ungulates: effects of prescribed fire. (Krista Sittler, Katherine Parker, Michael Gillingham, Roger Wheate, Douglas Heard, 2014)
REN-10 Sounds of the city: The effects of noise on communication in mountain and black-capped chickadees. (Stefanie E. LaZerte, Hans Slabbekoorn, and Ken A. Otter, 2016) 
REN-11 Trends in fine particulate matter (PM2.5) concentrations in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada. (Peter L. Jackson, James Albino, Cody Birch, Brayden Nilson, Jordan Pawluk, and Taras Tereshchak, 2017)
REN-12 Nutritional values of habitats for woodland caribou in summer. (Kristin A. Denryter, Rachel C. Cook, John G. Cook, Katherine L. Parker, and Michael P. Gillingham. 2018)
REN-13 Recent changes in aboveground live-tree carbon in spruce and fir-dominated sub-boreal forests in the BC Interior. (Lu Gan, Art Fredeen, and Che Elkin. 2020)
REN-14 Enhancing mine and energy crop soils to promote willow (Salix miyabeana) growth using ash and biosolids: A greenhouse study. (Nichola Gilbert, Hugues Massicotte, Che Elkin, and Michael Rutherford 2021).