2013 Undergraduate Thesis and Project Presentations

The Natural Resources and Environmental Studies Institute (with financial support from the College of Science and Management, the Ecosystem Science and Management Program, and the Chemistry, Environmental Science and. Environmental Engineering Program) is hosting the 2013 Undergraduate Thesis and Project Presentations.  It is remarkable how much undergraduate research is going on at UNBC, and this event will help to celebrate some of that research.
All presentations will be held on Tuesday April 9th beginning at 9 am in room 8-164.  All are welcome.
Start Time Presenter Thesis Title Thesis Supervisor Second Reader 
9:00 Matt Dyson Trends in emergent vegetation biodiversity of a managed wetland Jane Young Lisa Poirier
9:15 Matthew Halstead Construction of the C. merolae LSm Complex for Characterization and Crystallization Studies Stephen Rader Andrea Gorrell
9:30 Umesh Anghnoo Detecting Signatures of Selection: Analysis of Spacial Genetic Variation in the Mountain Pine Beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae) Outbreak in Western Canada using EST-Derived Microsatellite Markers Brent Murray Philippe Henry
9:45 Xilin Deng Single nucleotide polymorphisms shed light on correlations between environmental variables and adaptive genetic divergence among populations in Oncorhynchus keta Philippe Henry Brent Murray
10:00 Marli Bodhi The Staying Power of Cuba's Alternative Agriculture System David Connell Mary Beckie (U of A)
10:15 Refreshment Break
10:30 Kelly Hrywkiw Construction of the Cyanidioschyzon merolae LSm complex for characterization and crystallization studies Stephen Rader Andrea Gorrell
10:45 Quinn Smith Characterization of the Function of Haloarcula marismortui Hmar 1168 Protein as an Epimerase of Hydrolized NAD(P)H Andrea Gorrell Sean Maurice
11:00 Susan Luong Gene expression and functional characterization of Glutathione S-transferases in Mountain Pine Beetle, Dendroctonus ponderosae Dezene Huber Brent Murray
11:15 Caitlin Dixon Bill C-38 and BC Wildlife  Richard Krehbiel Annie Booth
11:30 Shirley Rudecki Estrogen Signalling in the Microcirculation Geoffrey Payne Sarah Gray
11:45 Alice Lee The use of DNA barcoding to validate ground beetle (Coleoptera:Carabidae) identification in the Ancient Forest of Central British Columbia Brent Murray / Lisa Poirier Danie Erasmus
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Marta Zmudzinski Molecular Phylogenetic Analysis of Fungi Native to Northern British Columbia with Potential Anti-tumor Properties Keith Egger Brent Murray
12:45 Sara Sparks Provisioning rates of tree swallows (Tachycineta bicolor) breeding on reclaimed tailings at Highland Valley Copper Mine Russell Dawson Dezene Huber
13:00 Caleb Lawlor The application of Cu2+ resistivity as a selectable marker in Haloarcula marismortui Andrea Gorrell Stephen Rader
13:15 Bethany Wood Effects of tillage and wood waste amendments on the growth of hybrid white spruce and lodgepole pine on fine textured landings in Northern British Columbia Paul Sanborn Chuck Bulmer (MFLNRO)
13:30 Nikolina Nikolic PACAPS role in energy balance Sarah Gray Andrea Gorrell
13:45 Jennifer Salokannel Sex ratio variation within avian broods and its influence on infestation rates by parasitic blow flies Russell Dawson Dezene Huber
14:00 Tanner Dobson Terahertz in RNA Research Chow Lee Matt Reid
14:15 Emily Williamson Aboriginal Title: Implications on Resource Planning and Development Richard Krehbiel Annie Booth
14:30 Refreshment Break
14:45 Nichola Gilbert Effects of wood ash on willow and poplar growth in mining and energy crop soils: a greenhouse trial Hugues Massicotte / Mike Rutherford Chris Opio
15:00 Scott Matlock Examination of the trk potassium transport system in Haloarcula marismortui using quantitative Real-Time PCR Andrea Gorrell Sarah Gray
15:15 Natalie Saindon The contribution of glaciers and landslides in Lillooet Lake Sediments, British Columbia Brian Menounos Lito Arocena
15:30 Melissa Morrison Genetic structure of lodgepole pine populations following a mountain pine beetle outbreak in the British Columbia central interior Dezene Huber Staffan Lindgren
15:45 Ray Lyle An Analysis of the Macro-invertebrate Composition of the Willow and Crooked Rivers Danie Erasmus Dezene Huber
16:00 Dayle Ostapiuk Surface Plasmon Resonance Characterization of the Interaction between Splicing Factor Prp24 and U6 snRNA Andrea Gorrell Liz Dunn
16:15 Kevin Mitchel Site Directed Mutagenesis of Haloarcula Marismortui RNase E Amino Acid Residues Andrea Gorrell Danie Erasmus